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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Summer Kick-Off!

It's Memorial Weekend! I am thankful for the 3 days off! I am still in awe though of how this year is flying by. The time just goes faster which sucks! Beacause that just makes me OLDER! Yuck! Oh well I guess I have to learn to cope.

We are spending Memorial doing some fun stuff. We are taking the kids to the Lake in Stockton. That will be fun boating and some tubing. We have gotten our pool open so we can swim and cook-out. The fire ring is ready to burn some wood so here comes the weinie roasts and toasted marshmellows! Yummy! Kicking off the summer with a bang!

In a couple of weeks I have planned an ONLY Girls outing. We will camping and canoeing by Eureka Springs. WOO-HOO! Good times. Nothing like kicking the summer off with a big bang on that, too! White River Here we come! Then some shopping and some drinking! Scarey mixture, women drinking and shopping, thing could go awry!

If any of my girl pals that read this would like to go give me a shout and I will fill in all the details!

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend!


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