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Saturday, May 13, 2006


I know long time no post. I have been super busy working to hard to catch up at the title company to be where all the senior employees are and learn all they know so I can be good at what I am doing. I am really enjoying my new job. The first day I started I did get a promotion. Only after 4 hours of being on the job, my boss advised me I was "wasted talent" being a mere receptionist, so she moved me into the commitment department. I was very accepting of this new title I received. After accepting this position I found that even real estate brokers are hesitant to going into this position due to the responsibilities that lay so heavy on them. Oh Well, I still take this as a compliment. I am very happy and enjoying this job and the responsibilities, it makes me work harder knowing that what I am doing is so important to title work. It basically is the backbone of the company.

I have also been trying to walk in the evenings to hopefully get rid of some of this darn weight I have seemed to acquire so easily. I have missed getting to read all my "old pals" blogs. My daughter set me up as well at MySpace.Com. I do like that since I get to have some cool music playing while my spot is up.

My kids are well and doing good. They have been busy with their own activities. Boys are in Baseball and of course Ariel is doing her UpWard Bounds program. She has went and toured KU and done some other activities.

It is Mother's Day weekend and I would Like to wish all my gal pals a wonderful Mother's Day! I found a wonderful quote about mothers and I would like to share it with you! I find that it rings very true!

It says: "Of all the rights of women, the greatest is being a mother."

So God Bless all you Mothers! Have a Fantastic weekend and enjoy what God has truely blessed us all with! Motherhood!


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