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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Birthday Blues

Well, I have been keeping myself pretty busy lately. I am enjoying the great outdoors, or trying to when weather permits. I have accomplished quite a bit of raking and burning of the leaves when wind permits. I have gotten some flowers planted and hopefully they will grow.

Last week the nasty storm weather sent me to town to work out of my girlfriend's house. My sattelite fails during bad weather so I went to town to make sure I was not kicked off so I could work full days and low and behold she had a power outage in town on one of the days. Figures! But I did get only kicked off the net for only an hour. I managed to clean my girlfriend's house and do all of her laundry while I was there. I don't know why, but I have always enjoyed cleaning someone else's house more than my own. I know she was greatful. My friend works her ass off. I know a lot of people do that but here is what she does everyday. She has a 7yr old in 1st grade, 21 month old baby girl, and another 11 month old baby girl. Yes the smaller 2 are just 10 months apart! She was in shock too when she found out she was pregnant. She works 40 hours a week at the title office in town and she works about 25 plus hours a week at home doing what I do. She manages to clean her home and keep it pretty emaculant and cook dinner for her family every night, not to mention the laundry is pretty much always done. MAN! Sometimes I wonder how she does it? She has told me she wonders how she does it herself! So I do not mind when she needs some help, I try to pitch in and help her the most I can.

Anywho... So I have a second interview for my new job I want on Thursday! I am really stoked about it! I am pretty sure I got it! Not to be cocky about it but she said she wanted me to come in to finalize on some things. So I am assuming I pretty much have it. I guess I could be all wrong. You know what ASSUMING is? I know you do!

Sunday 04/09 was my birthday.... WOO HOO! We took the kids to see the Springfield Cardinals game. It was fun, at least they won! 8 - 5 was the score. Good game! After that..... I became really depressed. I mean reallllly depressed. I have never been depressed on my birthday??? W.T.H.??? I was on the verge of tears I tell you, I was fighting them back with everything inside of me. I could not even tell my husband why? I know the poor guy was thinking WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? YOU CRAZY WOMAN!!!!! But I worked it out. I had a good cry in the bath tub while I was soaking in my jacuzzi tub. Yeah, I know I got it real bad. That is what I was thinking while I was crying in my JACUZZI tub. I said to myself, "Andi, What are you crying for? So what you are 33 years old? So what? It is not like I am going to die tomarrow, Look at what you are in and what surrounds you, I have such a wonderful husband and a wonderful home and my ASS is soaking in a freaking Jacuzzi tub in the privacy of my own bathroom! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Well, even though I talk to myself doesn't really mean I answer, well, I don't all of the time. Hee hee! I dont't know why or what it was I just know I was depressed, but I have worked it out. I have been eating chocolate, it seems to have helped!
I think Chocolate is the answer to pretty much any depression or problem that women have. Or I think it is anyways! Matter of opinion I suppose!


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