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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday March 28th, 2006

It's Tuesday and I am happy! We have appraisers coming to look at our house today. I am excited, hoping to refinance very soon. This will be good, giving us some extra cash to only pay off some remaining bills I hate making monthly payments on. Hopefully this will pay off my lawyer bills too! Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes well here.

Also my middle son's birthday is on April 3rd. AH! Boo Hoo, he will be 14! OMG! I can hardly believe it. I couldn't think of a thing to get him for his birthday, I have been racking my brain for days. I get tired of buying XBOX games. Ya know? They spend so much time playing those games when they need to be doing something else, constructive, using their imagination, just something else. We started building a clubhouse for the boys a few weeks ago. It looks pretty good, we all seem to think. The boys were so gung-ho when we started, now it has fizzled out. My littlest guy got poison ivy and we didn't want him outside until it cleared up so I guess my other son thought he didn't need to go outside either. Isaiah seems to think everywhere he walks he has to touch everything. He rubs his hands across anything and doesn''t think anything about it, until he gets poison ivy! We told him when we were out in the woods building that clubhouse, "Becareful, don't touch that tree, put your gloves back on!" Words, just blah blah blah is all he hears, I suppose? We have tried to point out what poison ivy looks like as well as poison oak. He doesn't get it or care I guess. Even though my son is highly allergic to it, in fact both of them are but my 14 year old didn't get it just the 9 year old. Maybe oldest is starting to listen, somewhat. HA! Yeah we'll see. Anyways, I was side-tracked with the clubhouse. So I have purchased tickets for my son's birthday present to watch a Springfield Cardinals game. The date for the game actually lands on my birthday April 9th, so I guess it will be kind of a treat for myself as well! My son is going to be so excited! I told my daughter what I did for his present, she about blew a gasket! She was happy. She loves baseball, she said Joshua would be ecstatic about that.

So anywho, this weekend my kids will go ice skating for the first time at Jordan Valley in Springfiled for a friends birthday party and then we are having a cook-out and some karoke here at the house for his birthday. I hope my kids don't break anything or get a concousion(is that how you spell that? probably not) while skating. I thought about wrapping them up in Charmin like that old commercial on TV, hee hee, they would love me for that now wouldn't they?


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