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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This and That....

Well, I have been alil' busy lately. I got to pick up my kids on Thursday night last week and they are spending spring break here. It has been nice.

My daughter who is 15 is so busy now with her activities at school has to miss her weekends sometimes, so it seems like I have not gotten to spend much time with her. I am very thankful to be spending a full 10 days with her. A little catch up time.

I am so proud of her, she is everything I wish I could have been at that age. She is focused and goal oriented. She is in a group called Upwards Bound that prepares them for college. She is currently studying for her first ACT test. She takes it on April 8th. She is also preparing for some college tours. She says she is thinking about going to KU in Lawrence, Ks. I am so proud of her. We have gone over some careers together and talked about different avenues. I think she has decided on nurse anesthetist. Yay! That is what I was trying to talk her into. I can't believe she took my advice! I am very proud of her!


This weekend we had to go to Fairland for my son's baseball game. He is in 7th grade. This game.... well it was probably the most boring baseball game I have ever been too. Let's just say the teams need a lot of practice and some decent coaching. I couldn't believe my eyes. You know me.... I was always so into my softball, so watching a complete train wreck go on in front of me made me want to go insane! I felt helpless! My son only got to go out to bat 1 time. That was it. One time.... he never even got to play on the field. It sucked. Oh well there will be more games I know.


My littlest has Poison Ivy that he had itched so badly he gave himself a staff infection. He also contracted ringworm. He is on medication for both and is now starting to look better. He has been house bound. Poor guy! He is just a mess.


The weekend storms, wow! We really got hit with some nasty weather up here. We were of course luckier than others in the state that was hit by tornados. On Sunday night we were getting ready for bed when the wind began howling through our woods around the house. We had our windows open since it was so hot outside, that wind started picking up and howling and blowing in really hard and we began to a little worried. We turned on the news, no reports for our area. It looked as if it was going around us. Well it started sounding worse so we shut the windows and started collecting children and animals. The kids were worried about our cat Mr. Chang, we put him in the cage to take him with us and he freaked out! OMG! It was crazy, so we let him out so he didn't give himself a heart attack and just took the house dog. That cat was not leaving the house. Anyways, we drove to my sister-in-law's house in town because she has a basement. We waited out the storm and finally the weather service gave our county an all clear. So we went home. About midnight as everyone was asleep, I awoke to some more howling of the winds, that is how loud it was! I jumped up and looked out the window and the rain began pouring down so hard you couldn't see very far off the front porch. I sat there waiting to see what was next, oh boy, here came the hail. I am talking minimum size was golf ball sized. BTW, we live in a metal home, so the hail beating on our roof sounded like it was coming through just to pelter us. I ran to the living room to turn on the news, my sattellite wouldn't pick up signal for Springfield, so I went to the weather channel, which came in. There was no advisory for our area? Yet WTH was going on? Finally the hail started diing off and in came my local weather channel. They were saying if youare in "my area" take cover. So I was frwaking out. Then within a matter of seconds they say ok, you are in the clear and it was moving to the town down the road. Whew!
The next morning I found a lot of our trees around our house were down and my car and truck have hail damage! AH! This sucks. But I know I should be Thankful, it could have been worse.


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