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Friday, March 24, 2006

Down Memory Lane

My kids were up last week and Capn' Neurotic made me break out my old year books and they have been gone through everyone now. I started at 1980 and went through the rest. My oh my, how things have changed from that world.

Starting with all of us in first grade, my we were cute kids, I think pretty much all of us were. All the crazy silly things I did in even elementary. I was never much a leader(so I dont think I was) but I truly would do about whatever someone would dare me to do.
As far as that goes I remember Kenny Snyder in elementary... it makes me laugh. You could always get him to open up that big bottle of Elmers Glue and throw a big glob of it on some torn up paper and he would eat it all! Ick! But ut was so funny I remember asking him to do it again, and again and I wasn't the only asking. Hee hee. All of our eyes set on amazement watching him give himself a nose bleed so he could leave class was a thrill as well! Blood would be spurting all over him and his desk. I remember him filling up one of his T-shirts with blood on one occasion. The teacher had him get a shirt to wear out of the lost and found. Yuck! Too funny!

I remember those big fat crayons that came in a flat box, in first grade Jeremy F. wrote me an I Love You and rainbow on the top of one of those boxes and gave it to me. Hee hee. How cute, but at that time I was embarrassed. He even kissed me on the cheek. I guess that was my "First Kiss". The same year my little "evil" brother was born! He was evil when he was little I say, but was touched by God in his later years. Ha ha ha ha! I was actually happy to have a little brother, my dad came to the school, I was sitting in Ms. Prong's class, my dad handed out those blue gum cigars to all of the kids. He was so happy he finally got the boy he wanted. That didn't mean that he quit treating me like one though.

In second grade I remember how much I hated my teacher! She was a mean ol' bitty in my eyes and was on prowl to spank any little kid that pissed her off. I believe she had anger issues. Ms. Brewster I believe was her name. She got me good one time I was standing in line at her desk and she was yelling at everyone and before I knew it I got it right on the rear, I was in shock and it was unexpected as I was just standing there. I guess that goes to show I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So goes the rest of my life.

Another memory of getting into trouble in 3rd grade is quite funny. I remember we were on bathroom break and some of girls decided to play doggie doggie who has the bone in the bathroom and were using the stalls to hide the bone. Man did we ever get in Huge trouble over that. We had to write like hundred sentences(may as well been a 1000 at that time, it took me forever to write them all) saying "I will not play doggie doggie who has the bone while I am on my bathroom break", yeah, yeah, yeah. Then to top it all off we were to have our parents sign the paper. HA! Yeah right, in my mind I was going to get a swat for acting up in school so there was no way in hell I was having my dad sign the sentences I wrote. NO WAY! So this was my first lesson in forgery. LOL! Yes you heard me I forged my dad's signature in 3rd grade. I reluctantly turned in the forged sentences I had complete. Ya' know what, I got away with it! Well, either she believed me or she felt sorry for me. I look back and think, she felt sorry for me! Oh well it worked for that time, so I was happy.

We move on to fourth grade, wow, what a year, Ms. Heckathorne! YIKES! Eke... I had a couple of run ins with her. She tried to make me kiss another girl after her and I had a confrontation. Hell no! I wasn't kissing another girl, she was going to have to suspend me first! I was ver disobediant when it came right down to it! I WAS NOT KISSING A GIRL AND SAYING I WAS SORRY! Nu uh, no way, no how! So I got into more trouble and made her keep her eyes on me the whole year.

Well, I will continue later with the rest of some silly stories but now I have to go to work!


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