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Monday, March 27, 2006

Birthday Party Calls

Before I get back to the reminissing of childhood, I thought I would tell you about my weekend. My girlfriends and I went out on Saturday night. Woo hoo, how fun! I really had a good time and know I made a complete ass out of myself, but I was drunk enough not to care at that moment.

We first went to eat dinner in Springfield at this restraunt called "Flame". Alright, to give you some indication of dressing to impress, I definately was not. I wore my Levi jeans, a T-shirt under my MISSOURI Hoodie, and my new flashy Sketcher tennie shoes. My hair was down and pushed back off of my face with a bandanna or hankerchief whatever you want to call it. My hair was so wild I felt like Chaka Kahn form the 80's. My friends got a kick out of it, so did my hubby. Especially when I danced around him before leaving with the girls singing "Let me rock ya chaka, come on let me rock you chaka!"

Anywho, So here we all arrive at this place with Valet parking, I tease the valet boys, Let them know I have seen Ferris Buellar's Day Off so they better not be hot rodding around in my Smokey-ass SUV like off the movie. Of course they laughed at me for that one. My girlfriend reminds me..... "Andi, This is no Ferrarri", HA! I know but I just had to give some teasing and I suppose show my old age a bit. So here we are walking into thei snazzy joint, people are all dressed to impress but me! The rebel without a cause showing I don't need to be snazzed up to impress my hair does all the talking for me. Ha ha ha! (Not to get off the subject but showing in my past choice of hair-styles I think my hair always has done the talking for me, it just goes to show even in my retarded school pics in the yearbooks I have been going over! Dear god, what have I always been thinking?) SO... we walk in, we proceed to the downstairs area, the lounge, where they put all the under-dressed Chak Kahn hair-styles, just kidding, where we met up with our fellow partiers. Ah, the delightment of red-painted walls, red-lighted district, with black tiled ceilings, plush red furniture and booths around black table tops, all the meanwhile dancing around to techno music while I am wainting to get into my seat. Woo hoo, it was a surrounding of preppie dressed swingers. Well, I don't know if it was a swinger lounge but it sure reminded me of one. So we sat around our table of friends and ordered over-priced cocktails and food. I am not complaining by any means, I still had fun. When I am with my friends I always have a good time. I make sure of it by my conversation and teasings. I believe we were there for about 3 1/2 hours and spent way more than I had planned on for the whole night. I drank my fill of Cape Cods with a twist of lime. I love those since I can always say the cranberry is good for me, lots of antioxidents. Hee hee. So the mixture is not so good but oh well.

After we retired from the "Flame" we decided to sing some karoke! I love to go karoking! How fun, we had a blast, I made a complete ass out of muself singing to my girlfriend for her birthday! We danced and drank some more! I believe I polished off a pitcher of beer there. Good times. I havn't been out like that in quite awhile. We then went to my girlfriend's house and she made us all breakfast and we visited more. Thank God for DD's. She drove us home safely and I crashed at my other girlfriend's house. When I awoke I walked back to where the DD parked my car and went home. Hee hee. What a night! I paid for all day Sunday and I even got a call from my work they were short-handed so I filled in for about 4 hours. Then, I went to bed.

I feel great today! I won't be doing that for a long time now! The consequences of the following day are too hard on me. I guess that is the price you pay?


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