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Friday, March 31, 2006

Good Day!

It's Friday! Hoo RAY! I am very happy. First of all it just being Friday and my work week is basically to an end. Second of all, my kids will coming up this weekend and I am stoked for all the plans we have. Thirdly, I have a job interview today, actually 2 interviews. The one that I want the most though is for a Title office. I would gain so much knowlede and have a great future with a reputible company. I also will be able to go to appraisal school and get some other education in the real estate area. That makes me very happy! I will be dressed to impress and clever and witty as ever(so I am hoping) for this interview. Wish me luck! ;)

Good news on our refinance, they called said everything is full speed ahead and hopefully we will get to close in a couple of weeks. I am very happy about that as well. I am hoping to get squared away with all my debtors on this thing.

I also received my sons Springfield Cardinals tickets in the mail for his birthday. So that is good, I can now just buy a card and stick the tickets in there. I can't wait to see his face!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday March 28th, 2006

It's Tuesday and I am happy! We have appraisers coming to look at our house today. I am excited, hoping to refinance very soon. This will be good, giving us some extra cash to only pay off some remaining bills I hate making monthly payments on. Hopefully this will pay off my lawyer bills too! Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes well here.

Also my middle son's birthday is on April 3rd. AH! Boo Hoo, he will be 14! OMG! I can hardly believe it. I couldn't think of a thing to get him for his birthday, I have been racking my brain for days. I get tired of buying XBOX games. Ya know? They spend so much time playing those games when they need to be doing something else, constructive, using their imagination, just something else. We started building a clubhouse for the boys a few weeks ago. It looks pretty good, we all seem to think. The boys were so gung-ho when we started, now it has fizzled out. My littlest guy got poison ivy and we didn't want him outside until it cleared up so I guess my other son thought he didn't need to go outside either. Isaiah seems to think everywhere he walks he has to touch everything. He rubs his hands across anything and doesn''t think anything about it, until he gets poison ivy! We told him when we were out in the woods building that clubhouse, "Becareful, don't touch that tree, put your gloves back on!" Words, just blah blah blah is all he hears, I suppose? We have tried to point out what poison ivy looks like as well as poison oak. He doesn't get it or care I guess. Even though my son is highly allergic to it, in fact both of them are but my 14 year old didn't get it just the 9 year old. Maybe oldest is starting to listen, somewhat. HA! Yeah we'll see. Anyways, I was side-tracked with the clubhouse. So I have purchased tickets for my son's birthday present to watch a Springfield Cardinals game. The date for the game actually lands on my birthday April 9th, so I guess it will be kind of a treat for myself as well! My son is going to be so excited! I told my daughter what I did for his present, she about blew a gasket! She was happy. She loves baseball, she said Joshua would be ecstatic about that.

So anywho, this weekend my kids will go ice skating for the first time at Jordan Valley in Springfiled for a friends birthday party and then we are having a cook-out and some karoke here at the house for his birthday. I hope my kids don't break anything or get a concousion(is that how you spell that? probably not) while skating. I thought about wrapping them up in Charmin like that old commercial on TV, hee hee, they would love me for that now wouldn't they?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Birthday Party Calls

Before I get back to the reminissing of childhood, I thought I would tell you about my weekend. My girlfriends and I went out on Saturday night. Woo hoo, how fun! I really had a good time and know I made a complete ass out of myself, but I was drunk enough not to care at that moment.

We first went to eat dinner in Springfield at this restraunt called "Flame". Alright, to give you some indication of dressing to impress, I definately was not. I wore my Levi jeans, a T-shirt under my MISSOURI Hoodie, and my new flashy Sketcher tennie shoes. My hair was down and pushed back off of my face with a bandanna or hankerchief whatever you want to call it. My hair was so wild I felt like Chaka Kahn form the 80's. My friends got a kick out of it, so did my hubby. Especially when I danced around him before leaving with the girls singing "Let me rock ya chaka, come on let me rock you chaka!"

Anywho, So here we all arrive at this place with Valet parking, I tease the valet boys, Let them know I have seen Ferris Buellar's Day Off so they better not be hot rodding around in my Smokey-ass SUV like off the movie. Of course they laughed at me for that one. My girlfriend reminds me..... "Andi, This is no Ferrarri", HA! I know but I just had to give some teasing and I suppose show my old age a bit. So here we are walking into thei snazzy joint, people are all dressed to impress but me! The rebel without a cause showing I don't need to be snazzed up to impress my hair does all the talking for me. Ha ha ha! (Not to get off the subject but showing in my past choice of hair-styles I think my hair always has done the talking for me, it just goes to show even in my retarded school pics in the yearbooks I have been going over! Dear god, what have I always been thinking?) SO... we walk in, we proceed to the downstairs area, the lounge, where they put all the under-dressed Chak Kahn hair-styles, just kidding, where we met up with our fellow partiers. Ah, the delightment of red-painted walls, red-lighted district, with black tiled ceilings, plush red furniture and booths around black table tops, all the meanwhile dancing around to techno music while I am wainting to get into my seat. Woo hoo, it was a surrounding of preppie dressed swingers. Well, I don't know if it was a swinger lounge but it sure reminded me of one. So we sat around our table of friends and ordered over-priced cocktails and food. I am not complaining by any means, I still had fun. When I am with my friends I always have a good time. I make sure of it by my conversation and teasings. I believe we were there for about 3 1/2 hours and spent way more than I had planned on for the whole night. I drank my fill of Cape Cods with a twist of lime. I love those since I can always say the cranberry is good for me, lots of antioxidents. Hee hee. So the mixture is not so good but oh well.

After we retired from the "Flame" we decided to sing some karoke! I love to go karoking! How fun, we had a blast, I made a complete ass out of muself singing to my girlfriend for her birthday! We danced and drank some more! I believe I polished off a pitcher of beer there. Good times. I havn't been out like that in quite awhile. We then went to my girlfriend's house and she made us all breakfast and we visited more. Thank God for DD's. She drove us home safely and I crashed at my other girlfriend's house. When I awoke I walked back to where the DD parked my car and went home. Hee hee. What a night! I paid for all day Sunday and I even got a call from my work they were short-handed so I filled in for about 4 hours. Then, I went to bed.

I feel great today! I won't be doing that for a long time now! The consequences of the following day are too hard on me. I guess that is the price you pay?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Down Memory Lane

My kids were up last week and Capn' Neurotic made me break out my old year books and they have been gone through everyone now. I started at 1980 and went through the rest. My oh my, how things have changed from that world.

Starting with all of us in first grade, my we were cute kids, I think pretty much all of us were. All the crazy silly things I did in even elementary. I was never much a leader(so I dont think I was) but I truly would do about whatever someone would dare me to do.
As far as that goes I remember Kenny Snyder in elementary... it makes me laugh. You could always get him to open up that big bottle of Elmers Glue and throw a big glob of it on some torn up paper and he would eat it all! Ick! But ut was so funny I remember asking him to do it again, and again and I wasn't the only asking. Hee hee. All of our eyes set on amazement watching him give himself a nose bleed so he could leave class was a thrill as well! Blood would be spurting all over him and his desk. I remember him filling up one of his T-shirts with blood on one occasion. The teacher had him get a shirt to wear out of the lost and found. Yuck! Too funny!

I remember those big fat crayons that came in a flat box, in first grade Jeremy F. wrote me an I Love You and rainbow on the top of one of those boxes and gave it to me. Hee hee. How cute, but at that time I was embarrassed. He even kissed me on the cheek. I guess that was my "First Kiss". The same year my little "evil" brother was born! He was evil when he was little I say, but was touched by God in his later years. Ha ha ha ha! I was actually happy to have a little brother, my dad came to the school, I was sitting in Ms. Prong's class, my dad handed out those blue gum cigars to all of the kids. He was so happy he finally got the boy he wanted. That didn't mean that he quit treating me like one though.

In second grade I remember how much I hated my teacher! She was a mean ol' bitty in my eyes and was on prowl to spank any little kid that pissed her off. I believe she had anger issues. Ms. Brewster I believe was her name. She got me good one time I was standing in line at her desk and she was yelling at everyone and before I knew it I got it right on the rear, I was in shock and it was unexpected as I was just standing there. I guess that goes to show I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So goes the rest of my life.

Another memory of getting into trouble in 3rd grade is quite funny. I remember we were on bathroom break and some of girls decided to play doggie doggie who has the bone in the bathroom and were using the stalls to hide the bone. Man did we ever get in Huge trouble over that. We had to write like hundred sentences(may as well been a 1000 at that time, it took me forever to write them all) saying "I will not play doggie doggie who has the bone while I am on my bathroom break", yeah, yeah, yeah. Then to top it all off we were to have our parents sign the paper. HA! Yeah right, in my mind I was going to get a swat for acting up in school so there was no way in hell I was having my dad sign the sentences I wrote. NO WAY! So this was my first lesson in forgery. LOL! Yes you heard me I forged my dad's signature in 3rd grade. I reluctantly turned in the forged sentences I had complete. Ya' know what, I got away with it! Well, either she believed me or she felt sorry for me. I look back and think, she felt sorry for me! Oh well it worked for that time, so I was happy.

We move on to fourth grade, wow, what a year, Ms. Heckathorne! YIKES! Eke... I had a couple of run ins with her. She tried to make me kiss another girl after her and I had a confrontation. Hell no! I wasn't kissing another girl, she was going to have to suspend me first! I was ver disobediant when it came right down to it! I WAS NOT KISSING A GIRL AND SAYING I WAS SORRY! Nu uh, no way, no how! So I got into more trouble and made her keep her eyes on me the whole year.

Well, I will continue later with the rest of some silly stories but now I have to go to work!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This and That....

Well, I have been alil' busy lately. I got to pick up my kids on Thursday night last week and they are spending spring break here. It has been nice.

My daughter who is 15 is so busy now with her activities at school has to miss her weekends sometimes, so it seems like I have not gotten to spend much time with her. I am very thankful to be spending a full 10 days with her. A little catch up time.

I am so proud of her, she is everything I wish I could have been at that age. She is focused and goal oriented. She is in a group called Upwards Bound that prepares them for college. She is currently studying for her first ACT test. She takes it on April 8th. She is also preparing for some college tours. She says she is thinking about going to KU in Lawrence, Ks. I am so proud of her. We have gone over some careers together and talked about different avenues. I think she has decided on nurse anesthetist. Yay! That is what I was trying to talk her into. I can't believe she took my advice! I am very proud of her!


This weekend we had to go to Fairland for my son's baseball game. He is in 7th grade. This game.... well it was probably the most boring baseball game I have ever been too. Let's just say the teams need a lot of practice and some decent coaching. I couldn't believe my eyes. You know me.... I was always so into my softball, so watching a complete train wreck go on in front of me made me want to go insane! I felt helpless! My son only got to go out to bat 1 time. That was it. One time.... he never even got to play on the field. It sucked. Oh well there will be more games I know.


My littlest has Poison Ivy that he had itched so badly he gave himself a staff infection. He also contracted ringworm. He is on medication for both and is now starting to look better. He has been house bound. Poor guy! He is just a mess.


The weekend storms, wow! We really got hit with some nasty weather up here. We were of course luckier than others in the state that was hit by tornados. On Sunday night we were getting ready for bed when the wind began howling through our woods around the house. We had our windows open since it was so hot outside, that wind started picking up and howling and blowing in really hard and we began to a little worried. We turned on the news, no reports for our area. It looked as if it was going around us. Well it started sounding worse so we shut the windows and started collecting children and animals. The kids were worried about our cat Mr. Chang, we put him in the cage to take him with us and he freaked out! OMG! It was crazy, so we let him out so he didn't give himself a heart attack and just took the house dog. That cat was not leaving the house. Anyways, we drove to my sister-in-law's house in town because she has a basement. We waited out the storm and finally the weather service gave our county an all clear. So we went home. About midnight as everyone was asleep, I awoke to some more howling of the winds, that is how loud it was! I jumped up and looked out the window and the rain began pouring down so hard you couldn't see very far off the front porch. I sat there waiting to see what was next, oh boy, here came the hail. I am talking minimum size was golf ball sized. BTW, we live in a metal home, so the hail beating on our roof sounded like it was coming through just to pelter us. I ran to the living room to turn on the news, my sattellite wouldn't pick up signal for Springfield, so I went to the weather channel, which came in. There was no advisory for our area? Yet WTH was going on? Finally the hail started diing off and in came my local weather channel. They were saying if youare in "my area" take cover. So I was frwaking out. Then within a matter of seconds they say ok, you are in the clear and it was moving to the town down the road. Whew!
The next morning I found a lot of our trees around our house were down and my car and truck have hail damage! AH! This sucks. But I know I should be Thankful, it could have been worse.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I am Behind... It seems I was tagged... ON TUESDAY!

So I am running a little behind on the tagging issue. Sorry about that Diva, I have had a shit week at my job. Which is here at my house.... hee hee. I think it is getting better so I will play along with the tag. I am just unsure who I will tag since I dont know anyone really?

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

Ok, so here is my List:

1. I love this Bar - Toby Keith, I listen to it in my car with it turned up really loud and sing my guts out. Of course that is when I am by myself! Hee hee. For some reason I just love this song, maybe it rings true. You just find some many diversified people at a bar and I am a people watcher so I enjoy the diversity with great contentment.

2. Copperhead Road - Steve Earle, This song happens to be my husbands faveorite, it has rubbed off on my 9 year old and of course me. This man is truly a great artist and his music just makes you feel good and I really like his voice.

3. Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac, Now this song is so great to me I am always into this song, I can listen to this song over and over and I never get sick of it. First of all, when she begins the song, Stevie Nicks says "This is for you daddy", I always want to cry. This song is for my father too. Maybe that is why I don't get sick of it. You know, I am and always will be daddy's little girl. What a beautiful song to relate to your father to.

4. Worried Man Blues - Big Smith, The lyrics "It takes a worried man to sing a worried song, x3, Worried now but I wont be worried long!" I love the music the band puts out. They are a local band from Springfield, Mo. If you like Bluegrass I highly recommend this band also if you like to "go-out" on occasions to listen to live music, check into when and where they play. It is a total blast! sometimes they are in Joplin, Mo at The Kitchen Pass. Also my favorite

5. Rich Girl - Gwen Steffani, This is me! I WISH! :) I listen to this song FULL THROTTLE and I sing, sing, sing and when able to dance, dance, dance! This is just a feel-good song for me.

6. Tuesdays Gone - Lynryd Skynyrd, I love to listen and sing along to this song. My husband plays guitar and sings this song and when I hear it I think of him. He is a talented guy and it just makes want to embrace him when I hear this.

7. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns & Roses, I just bought this CD again recently since I didnt have it anymore and this song and the entire album takes me back to my H.S. days. Driving fast and jamming out. Hee hee, I guess just letting myself relive the "old days" is fun sometimes.

Well, there is my list of songs.

I guess I tag:
Diva (if it does not break the rules since you tagged me... consider it a tag back!)
and unfortunately that is all I know! How sad is that. ;)

ALRIGHT: Apparently someone I don't know(I think) wants me to tag him!
Cap'n Neurotic..... YOUR IT! NO TAG BACKS! HEE HEE

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Well, I got word from a good friend of mine her baby, my god daughter is in the hospital for the ROTO Virus. Boo Hoo... she is such a sweet baby and I can't believe it. I am hoping I didn't give heer anything. She is 10 months old and just a lil' sweetie pie. I hope she recovers soon. Her sister is not infected and neither is her brother thank god. I went over to pick up her nebulizer from her when I was quite ill so I probably did give them my illness. I feel horrible! I am so SORRY my little Sophie-Bell!


Well, It is officially hump day and I am happy. I am happy to be alive, I am happy to not be ill, and I am happy I have a job to complain about on occasions. ;) I am happy my children are well and progressing in school and that I have wonderful friends that love and care for me. I am blessed to have a Fabulous husband that would die for me, and I am blessed to have a beautiful home on 20 acres where I can run around outside in my PJ's without anyone being none the wiser if I choose to do so. I am blessed to have a large family with wonderful brothers, sisters, sister-in-laws, nieces, nephews, god children that love me the same and unconditionally.

I am just happy to have the opportunity to live on this earth and hopefully make a difference in someone else's life somewhere, however that may be. I think the most important difference I want to make is in my children. I want them to grow up and feel the same thing I feel right now. Happiness and peace for what God has blessed me and mine with.

I know that was a little off for me, but I just feel so much today. Maybe it is the taste of Spring and my windows all opened up with fresh air livening up my home. Maybe it is just because sometimes we need to remember what we have been blessed with. Today is my day for being Thankful. Do you have one?