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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Work , Money, Dreams.... Dreams? HA!

Here we are on Tuesday, I am thinking geeze this week is flying by! HA! Dear god, we are so slammed with calls for travelers I wonder where these people have all this time and money to travel to Vegas only to blow a load of cash when they get there? Could someone please enlighten me? I can barely pay for my new home, new car, truck, swimming pool, and just other crap like credit cards and lawyers. All that set aside I have enough for groceries, home essentials, and some play money. Wow.... quite a bit on my plate. I work as many hours as I can to pay for it all and so does my hubby, I guess now is the time for working alot since when we get older we won't be able to do so. Maybe then though we will be able to afford the trips around the world, shit, I would be happy with a sandy beach in a tropical setting. That is my retirement dream, owning a home in Mexico, with a maid. How glorious, just like heaven. Well it is for me anyways.

My dream of living in Mexico has been going on now since I had the pleasure of going to Cozumel back in '98. I was able to set and have a conversation with a woman from Michigan poolside. She said she had traveled to Cozumel for a pleasure trip and when it was time for her to return home she decided to skip the plane ride home and called her family to tell them to write because she had moved to Cozumel. She said she was living modestly but was loving every minute of it. At that point I envied her so much, I wish I were single and childless for that instant wanting to experience life the way she was. But then reality slapped me in the face! WHAP! HELLO! I was married getting ready for a divorce and I had 3 beautiful children that depended on me and that was my life, like it or lump it. If I wanted a life in the tropical atmosphere with no worries I should have thought of it before my committments were already made. So needless to say I returned home, to reality, to living in Missouri.

Missouri, ah, like Misery for me at that time in my life. A failing marriage was the worst of it. Don't get me wrong I love living in Missouri, I love the seasons, the people, the small town feel, and love my land. But at that paticular time, my life had turned into extreme hell, and I was having trouble seeing the brighter side of life, love, and people in general. But you know years go on and I am now doing better mentally than I have ever been in my life. Well, that is my perception anyways! Hee hee.


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