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Monday, February 27, 2006

I Thought I bought It

Long time no blog I know. I thought I actually had bought the big one! I was so sick, I seriously thought just take me now God! That shit hurts! It is a devil let me tell ya! My husband gave me the virus.

Last Friday I felt wonderful, me and my boys went to Springfield on my day off. We managed to make it to the mall, movies, out to eat Italian food and even Wal-Mart's for some grocery shopping. On Saturday I awoke with a a headache and sore neck and back. I thought I had slept wrong and had given myself a crick in the neck. I took some Ibuprofen and made breakfast for the family. I ate a little but I just was not that hungry. I managed to get a bit of housework done before all of a sudden some little imp crept up behind me and it felt like I had been beaten with a 2x4. Dear GOD! I suddenly had to lay down feeling like I was going to pass out and seeing the world dance around me was not a pretty sight, it made me completely nauseas. From that point on I found myself bed bound. My poor boys, they were stuck playing video games and watching movies for the rest of the weekend. My husband who was getting over the creeping crud ended up having to take care of me.

I ran a high fever from Saturday afternoon until Monday night. My body cramped and ached like I haven't felt in a very long time. I just felt like take me now is all I can really say. I know my eyes hurt to even hardly open them but I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep either. I slept maybe a couple of hours a night and ended up on albuterol breathing treatments for my bronchitis and biaxin antibiotic for the infection. I was also taking Ibuprofen very regularly, cough syrup, zyrtec-d for my sinuses and I believe anything else I could get my hands on for my sore throat. By Tuesday I was on my second day out of work and still feeling like dog crap. The sunlight hurt my eyes, noises were too loud and felt like I was suffering from a sever hangover.

I tried to work on Wednesday. Well I made it until about 9:30am and noticed all of sudden my body was acting inapproriately. I was swelling up so large it was cutting the blood circulation off in my feet and hands. The palms of my hands were turning bright red and so were the bottoms of my feet. My legs were increasing in size and I was just flat out growing so much just from water retention. What the HELL? I couldn't believe what was going on. I ended up having to go to the Emergency Room around 3:00pm that day. Of course I did not even get to complete a full days work. Arghhh! After being in the ER until almost 11:00pm that night I found out I was suffering from Angio Edema. Yeah ok? So what the heak is that? The Doctor told me it was rare.... Really? Me get something rare? NO? That never happens. I swear to god I am 1 in a million and if it is going to happen it usually happens to me. Anywho... It is like an allergic reaction. My body rejected the virus in a way. My body reacted to it as an allergic reaction ultimately and they had to put me on Prethezone to counter react everything.

So now it is Monday morning a bright and happy beginning of a new work wekk and Thank God for that. I do not want to get sick again, not for a very long time.

I did not even get to tell you about How much Fun I had with Diva and Tater on the Monday night at Buffalo Run. It was a hoot and I appreciated Diva and Tater's hospitality! They were a joy to catch up with. It made me realize how much I do miss some things about that darn ol' Oklahoma State! I hope that I will get to spend some more time with them again soon!


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