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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feb. 1, 2006... Oh Geez, 1 month already Gone!

Alright, so I wake up this morning come into my office only to find it disarray. You would have thought someone broke in and messed it all up. But, no, my damn cat tore my office apart. I was so pissed, the phone I use for my calls I take during the day was laying on the floor! I have to use it all day long and it has to charge at night or my phone will fail! My movie stand was knocked over with movies strewn about, it smells like cat shit in here, and he knocked my pile of paperwork down off my desk. Arrgghhh! I am so pissed at him today, I kicked him out of my office, now I hear him going through the house making more messes. I think I will lock him in the garage today. He is introuble.

Last night we caught wind that one of my husbands old friends had passed away. ;( We heard he was in a car accident down in Branson, the car caught on fire and no one was around where they wrecked and he and the other passenger burnt to death. God... How sad! It took hours before anyone found them. I should have not been talking to Diva yesterday morning about people we knew and their deaths. I definatly was caught up on what had happened but I am now wondering if it was a jinx. Probably not... but who knows. My husband always tells me I say thing when I shouldn't and that jinxes me.

Last night we also watched a movie we had been wanting to see. It was ok... "Cry Wolf" was the name. It was kind of lame I thought. Not really an attention grabber by any means. If I can get up and down several times in a movie walk around the house to get a drink, go to the restroom, pick up something laying where it shouldn't be laying and see what needs to be cleaned or dusted later, well it is not a very good movie to me. So dont' waste your time on this one. Besides I knew who the killer was in the first part of the movie. I hate that! However after the movie was over we watched one of our favorite shows on FX, "The Shield". I Love this show, my husband and I have watched it since the first season and we DO NOT miss an episode. I love Michael Chicklass in this show. He is fabulous... way better than "The Commish" if anyone ever watched that years ago. In fact, I have this thing for bald guys. Wow! So sexy! The other favorite shows on FX consist of "Rescue Me" and "Nip/Tuck". They are coming out with a new one called "Thief", I am anxious to see if I will like it as much as the others.

Anywho, this weather is killing me. I want so badly to go outside and plant my bulbs in the ground, I feel like it is springtime. I know if I do then we will get a hard freeze or something crazy and it will kill my precious flowers. I am ready to garden though, I miss my fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, potatoes, and squash. I also miss my gorgeous flowers blooming everywhere. I want to open my pool up and go swimming too. Hopefully soon.


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