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Monday, February 13, 2006

Eventful weekend

Thursday night my brother Scott brought my son Isaiah up to our house to spend the weekend. This is his weekend to spend with us by himself. He wants to move to Mt. Vernon so badly that the judge ordered him to spend additional time up here so he gets an extra weekend each month. It is so nice having him around, he is such a good child and so sweet that having him here is a joy.

We decided to go bowling for a friend's birthday on Friday night. We went and at in Joplin at Garfield's at the mall. I love Garfield's, the food has always been great when we have gone there in the past but that night I thought the food was lacking, but of course that doesn't change the price. But all in all we still had a good time. My son enjoyed drawing on the table and coloring in pictures and of course his chiming on what he thought on topics that were talked about around the table. He is funny. I am sure him being the only 9 year old there made him feel all grown up!

After we finished eating we went to North Rangeling to go bowling, we arrived and there were no lanes left! We put our name on a waiting list and played arcade games for about 20 minutes or so and 2 opened up for us. Since there was about 10 bowlers we were put in our lanes 5 each. Isaiah did so good, when he started out he was a little discouraged since they did not put the bumpers up for him, but all was well after a little mom-son coaching and I think my son began to bowl better than I did. In fact I know he did. The little guy was whizzing the ball down the lane like a pro. He was having a great time. He actually got a a spare! WOO HOO! I was so proud! Of course he was too. Later my son took over my place bowling my back went out.... so I was hurting. How horrible, if that is not a definate sign of getting old I don't know what is? But he loved it since he was bowling double. Then he made 2 spares more, back to back! WOW! What a kid! Anywho... after about 12am I decided no more bowling I was beat and my sons eyes were heavy and he was tired, he was requesting chocolate! I knew then that no sugar frenzy was needed! We headed home and he was asleep within a matter a few minutes.

Saturday morning I was awakened by a friend calling to tell me her niece's house was broken into. That was at 7:20am. I was so tired....and her niece is a good friend of mine. I can't believe with her living almost directly across from the cop shop here in town she was still broken into and the police were oblivious to it. Whomever it was that broke in also plugged the bathtub upstairs and turned the water on and it had flooded the upstairs and ran through the wall and down into her kitchen and living area. I swear people are just rude! And yet again... WHERE in the WORLD were the police! So I jumped out of bed threw some clothes on and loaded my shop vac to go help suck water out of her carpet. When I arrived the police were still there and the landlord had a huge machine already going and apparently did not need my lil' ol' shop vac, he had the situation under control. So I decided to go run my errands and return home to put my PJ's back on and watch movies with my family. That we all did. We were all on the couches all day and night until about 10:00pm dozing in and out watching movies. What a GREAT day! I took 2 naps and enjoyed every minute of it. My son was quite content as well. He must have been tired too from the previous night of hard core bowling!

Sunday was a good day we drove to Seneca and visited with my dad and the family all day and watched some more movies. I actually feel refreshed to only return to work for the week. Tonight I plan on meeting Diva and friends for a little Ladies Night action at Buffalo Run.


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