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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Customer Service Please!

You know people and their attitudes kill me somedays. Being in customer service pretty much my whole working life, really starts annoyingly irritating your nerves. It is like some running there fingernails over a chalkboard or like someone making an screeching noise for a long period of time and you can't get them to shut-up, no matter what you do. I find most of my days finding new ways to deal with people, their emotional out-bursts, their lack of common sense, and their rude behavior. I quite simply though am finding less compassion for for retarded behavior. I don't know if that is bad or good. I know somedays it is very bad. Like it causing me to feel like I am going to lose it! So I have to take an anxiety pill or something and perform meditation, and beg for forgiveness for all the horrible words may fly out of my mouth at that instant of complete disgust.

Sometimes I think I have Terret syndrome. Is that how you spell it? Not sure, oh well if not.

The other night I had made myself a tanning appointment at our small town Video store. Yes I know how swanky. LOL. I can rent videos after tanning if I choose, but I don't, I use Netflix. Anywho... I had a very long stressfull day of dealing with complete morons not knowing their asshole from a hole in the ground. I decided to take some of my stress away by tanning after I got off work. I called the store that I go to to make an appointment so I would have a bed available upon my arrival. When I asked the girl about the appointment times available, she told me "Whatever you want we are completely open and have no one scheduled" so I told her I would be in at 40 after the hour. She agreed, everyone was happy. I arrived running behind as we all sometimes do. I usually am a very on-time person. I do not tolerate tardiness, I hate it, It is a pet peeve of mine. But I arrived late for my tanning appointment. A whole 3 minutes late. I was upset with myself, running into the store. I stood and waited patiently as the clerk assisted other patron with the checking out of videos, I watched the clock tick by 2 more min, I was starting to get antsy. As I approached the desk to draw her attention so she could start my bed for me, she finally looked at me. I smiled at her and announced who I was and for what bed I, reserved, she gave me a reply that about dropped me to my knees. She said "YOU Are Late, we had people backed up in line, waiting on YOU!" As I said, I was dumb-founded, I could not believe in all my years of customer service that I had never gotten to talk to anyone of my customers like that? Where have I been? Do you get away with speaking to customers like they are piles of shit these days? I guess apparently she thought she could. Before I knew it I had opened my mouth and word vomit was very loudly exclaimed, it was my feeling about the way I was just treated and somewhere in there I let the mother of all vomit fly out of my mouth like an eagle taking flight to capture its prey. If that makes any sense? Well it was the "F BOMB". I told her and anyone else who thought they could talk to me like that staight what I thought about it. They could all Fuck Off! I stormed out!

You know one of those moments when you wish you could take it all back? One of those moments when you want to hide under something or run away and never show your face in a small-town community again? Well..... that was my official "let's make a complete ASS" out of yourself moments in life. Man... I could not believe what I had just done, oh no, I couldn't manage to accomplish this while nobody was in the store but the clerk, I managed to wait until half of the town was in the store.

Well, after I left I called a girlfriend to tell her what I had done, she was in utter shock. That is surprising, being as I am really good with expressing my feeling in public, but normally not that graffic. It usually takes a few drinks before I am that brazen. But she calmed me down somewhat. After I left the grocery store I called another girlfriend and broke down into tears. What was wrong with me? Why am I crying? Why is this hormonal bullshit making me nutso? AHHHHHH! What the hell? Who cries over a freaking tanning appointment? Why? Why? Why?

Well, after my collection of my thoughts and managing to somewhat get over the trauma of it all, I called "The Store" today to advise the manager of what happened. I told him even I managed to make a complete ass out of myself in the store. He was very apologetic, kind, and wanted to make me feel better about everything. OMG! Customer Service skills, right on! I am loving it! He gave me 5 free tans to make up for my horrible experience. Wow, I was not expecting that. I told him how I appreciated it very much, he said it was no biggie as he would rather keep me as a customer. SEE>>>THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE!

So, all is well in my "complicated, hormonal, over-stressed, customer service world" I seem to live in day to day. Well, maybe not completely normal or better necessarily. But the situation I feel better about.


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