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Monday, February 27, 2006

I Thought I bought It

Long time no blog I know. I thought I actually had bought the big one! I was so sick, I seriously thought just take me now God! That shit hurts! It is a devil let me tell ya! My husband gave me the virus.

Last Friday I felt wonderful, me and my boys went to Springfield on my day off. We managed to make it to the mall, movies, out to eat Italian food and even Wal-Mart's for some grocery shopping. On Saturday I awoke with a a headache and sore neck and back. I thought I had slept wrong and had given myself a crick in the neck. I took some Ibuprofen and made breakfast for the family. I ate a little but I just was not that hungry. I managed to get a bit of housework done before all of a sudden some little imp crept up behind me and it felt like I had been beaten with a 2x4. Dear GOD! I suddenly had to lay down feeling like I was going to pass out and seeing the world dance around me was not a pretty sight, it made me completely nauseas. From that point on I found myself bed bound. My poor boys, they were stuck playing video games and watching movies for the rest of the weekend. My husband who was getting over the creeping crud ended up having to take care of me.

I ran a high fever from Saturday afternoon until Monday night. My body cramped and ached like I haven't felt in a very long time. I just felt like take me now is all I can really say. I know my eyes hurt to even hardly open them but I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep either. I slept maybe a couple of hours a night and ended up on albuterol breathing treatments for my bronchitis and biaxin antibiotic for the infection. I was also taking Ibuprofen very regularly, cough syrup, zyrtec-d for my sinuses and I believe anything else I could get my hands on for my sore throat. By Tuesday I was on my second day out of work and still feeling like dog crap. The sunlight hurt my eyes, noises were too loud and felt like I was suffering from a sever hangover.

I tried to work on Wednesday. Well I made it until about 9:30am and noticed all of sudden my body was acting inapproriately. I was swelling up so large it was cutting the blood circulation off in my feet and hands. The palms of my hands were turning bright red and so were the bottoms of my feet. My legs were increasing in size and I was just flat out growing so much just from water retention. What the HELL? I couldn't believe what was going on. I ended up having to go to the Emergency Room around 3:00pm that day. Of course I did not even get to complete a full days work. Arghhh! After being in the ER until almost 11:00pm that night I found out I was suffering from Angio Edema. Yeah ok? So what the heak is that? The Doctor told me it was rare.... Really? Me get something rare? NO? That never happens. I swear to god I am 1 in a million and if it is going to happen it usually happens to me. Anywho... It is like an allergic reaction. My body rejected the virus in a way. My body reacted to it as an allergic reaction ultimately and they had to put me on Prethezone to counter react everything.

So now it is Monday morning a bright and happy beginning of a new work wekk and Thank God for that. I do not want to get sick again, not for a very long time.

I did not even get to tell you about How much Fun I had with Diva and Tater on the Monday night at Buffalo Run. It was a hoot and I appreciated Diva and Tater's hospitality! They were a joy to catch up with. It made me realize how much I do miss some things about that darn ol' Oklahoma State! I hope that I will get to spend some more time with them again soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Here I Be!

So sorry, it was like I dropped off the planet. I am still not feeling up to par, so I will make this short and sweet.
My husband fell ill all of a sudden like last Thursday. I had to take him to ER, they said he had bronchitis. But I think it was worse, they did not do any x-rays as they should have. It is not uncommon for him to get bronchial phnumonia. Anyways, so I had to leave work in a rush on Thursday and I was off on Friday, and spent the day with my boys.
Now here is the kicker, I woke up a little sore on Saturday morning. By the afternoon, I felt like an evil imp had creeped up on me and hit me with a 2x4. I have been down and out since Saturday. High fever for 3 days, head congestion, body aches and pains, and generally just feeling like shit.

I am working today but not sure how long I will be able to make it.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Eventful weekend

Thursday night my brother Scott brought my son Isaiah up to our house to spend the weekend. This is his weekend to spend with us by himself. He wants to move to Mt. Vernon so badly that the judge ordered him to spend additional time up here so he gets an extra weekend each month. It is so nice having him around, he is such a good child and so sweet that having him here is a joy.

We decided to go bowling for a friend's birthday on Friday night. We went and at in Joplin at Garfield's at the mall. I love Garfield's, the food has always been great when we have gone there in the past but that night I thought the food was lacking, but of course that doesn't change the price. But all in all we still had a good time. My son enjoyed drawing on the table and coloring in pictures and of course his chiming on what he thought on topics that were talked about around the table. He is funny. I am sure him being the only 9 year old there made him feel all grown up!

After we finished eating we went to North Rangeling to go bowling, we arrived and there were no lanes left! We put our name on a waiting list and played arcade games for about 20 minutes or so and 2 opened up for us. Since there was about 10 bowlers we were put in our lanes 5 each. Isaiah did so good, when he started out he was a little discouraged since they did not put the bumpers up for him, but all was well after a little mom-son coaching and I think my son began to bowl better than I did. In fact I know he did. The little guy was whizzing the ball down the lane like a pro. He was having a great time. He actually got a a spare! WOO HOO! I was so proud! Of course he was too. Later my son took over my place bowling my back went out.... so I was hurting. How horrible, if that is not a definate sign of getting old I don't know what is? But he loved it since he was bowling double. Then he made 2 spares more, back to back! WOW! What a kid! Anywho... after about 12am I decided no more bowling I was beat and my sons eyes were heavy and he was tired, he was requesting chocolate! I knew then that no sugar frenzy was needed! We headed home and he was asleep within a matter a few minutes.

Saturday morning I was awakened by a friend calling to tell me her niece's house was broken into. That was at 7:20am. I was so tired....and her niece is a good friend of mine. I can't believe with her living almost directly across from the cop shop here in town she was still broken into and the police were oblivious to it. Whomever it was that broke in also plugged the bathtub upstairs and turned the water on and it had flooded the upstairs and ran through the wall and down into her kitchen and living area. I swear people are just rude! And yet again... WHERE in the WORLD were the police! So I jumped out of bed threw some clothes on and loaded my shop vac to go help suck water out of her carpet. When I arrived the police were still there and the landlord had a huge machine already going and apparently did not need my lil' ol' shop vac, he had the situation under control. So I decided to go run my errands and return home to put my PJ's back on and watch movies with my family. That we all did. We were all on the couches all day and night until about 10:00pm dozing in and out watching movies. What a GREAT day! I took 2 naps and enjoyed every minute of it. My son was quite content as well. He must have been tired too from the previous night of hard core bowling!

Sunday was a good day we drove to Seneca and visited with my dad and the family all day and watched some more movies. I actually feel refreshed to only return to work for the week. Tonight I plan on meeting Diva and friends for a little Ladies Night action at Buffalo Run.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Customer Service Please!

You know people and their attitudes kill me somedays. Being in customer service pretty much my whole working life, really starts annoyingly irritating your nerves. It is like some running there fingernails over a chalkboard or like someone making an screeching noise for a long period of time and you can't get them to shut-up, no matter what you do. I find most of my days finding new ways to deal with people, their emotional out-bursts, their lack of common sense, and their rude behavior. I quite simply though am finding less compassion for for retarded behavior. I don't know if that is bad or good. I know somedays it is very bad. Like it causing me to feel like I am going to lose it! So I have to take an anxiety pill or something and perform meditation, and beg for forgiveness for all the horrible words may fly out of my mouth at that instant of complete disgust.

Sometimes I think I have Terret syndrome. Is that how you spell it? Not sure, oh well if not.

The other night I had made myself a tanning appointment at our small town Video store. Yes I know how swanky. LOL. I can rent videos after tanning if I choose, but I don't, I use Netflix. Anywho... I had a very long stressfull day of dealing with complete morons not knowing their asshole from a hole in the ground. I decided to take some of my stress away by tanning after I got off work. I called the store that I go to to make an appointment so I would have a bed available upon my arrival. When I asked the girl about the appointment times available, she told me "Whatever you want we are completely open and have no one scheduled" so I told her I would be in at 40 after the hour. She agreed, everyone was happy. I arrived running behind as we all sometimes do. I usually am a very on-time person. I do not tolerate tardiness, I hate it, It is a pet peeve of mine. But I arrived late for my tanning appointment. A whole 3 minutes late. I was upset with myself, running into the store. I stood and waited patiently as the clerk assisted other patron with the checking out of videos, I watched the clock tick by 2 more min, I was starting to get antsy. As I approached the desk to draw her attention so she could start my bed for me, she finally looked at me. I smiled at her and announced who I was and for what bed I, reserved, she gave me a reply that about dropped me to my knees. She said "YOU Are Late, we had people backed up in line, waiting on YOU!" As I said, I was dumb-founded, I could not believe in all my years of customer service that I had never gotten to talk to anyone of my customers like that? Where have I been? Do you get away with speaking to customers like they are piles of shit these days? I guess apparently she thought she could. Before I knew it I had opened my mouth and word vomit was very loudly exclaimed, it was my feeling about the way I was just treated and somewhere in there I let the mother of all vomit fly out of my mouth like an eagle taking flight to capture its prey. If that makes any sense? Well it was the "F BOMB". I told her and anyone else who thought they could talk to me like that staight what I thought about it. They could all Fuck Off! I stormed out!

You know one of those moments when you wish you could take it all back? One of those moments when you want to hide under something or run away and never show your face in a small-town community again? Well..... that was my official "let's make a complete ASS" out of yourself moments in life. Man... I could not believe what I had just done, oh no, I couldn't manage to accomplish this while nobody was in the store but the clerk, I managed to wait until half of the town was in the store.

Well, after I left I called a girlfriend to tell her what I had done, she was in utter shock. That is surprising, being as I am really good with expressing my feeling in public, but normally not that graffic. It usually takes a few drinks before I am that brazen. But she calmed me down somewhat. After I left the grocery store I called another girlfriend and broke down into tears. What was wrong with me? Why am I crying? Why is this hormonal bullshit making me nutso? AHHHHHH! What the hell? Who cries over a freaking tanning appointment? Why? Why? Why?

Well, after my collection of my thoughts and managing to somewhat get over the trauma of it all, I called "The Store" today to advise the manager of what happened. I told him even I managed to make a complete ass out of myself in the store. He was very apologetic, kind, and wanted to make me feel better about everything. OMG! Customer Service skills, right on! I am loving it! He gave me 5 free tans to make up for my horrible experience. Wow, I was not expecting that. I told him how I appreciated it very much, he said it was no biggie as he would rather keep me as a customer. SEE>>>THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE!

So, all is well in my "complicated, hormonal, over-stressed, customer service world" I seem to live in day to day. Well, maybe not completely normal or better necessarily. But the situation I feel better about.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Work , Money, Dreams.... Dreams? HA!

Here we are on Tuesday, I am thinking geeze this week is flying by! HA! Dear god, we are so slammed with calls for travelers I wonder where these people have all this time and money to travel to Vegas only to blow a load of cash when they get there? Could someone please enlighten me? I can barely pay for my new home, new car, truck, swimming pool, and just other crap like credit cards and lawyers. All that set aside I have enough for groceries, home essentials, and some play money. Wow.... quite a bit on my plate. I work as many hours as I can to pay for it all and so does my hubby, I guess now is the time for working alot since when we get older we won't be able to do so. Maybe then though we will be able to afford the trips around the world, shit, I would be happy with a sandy beach in a tropical setting. That is my retirement dream, owning a home in Mexico, with a maid. How glorious, just like heaven. Well it is for me anyways.

My dream of living in Mexico has been going on now since I had the pleasure of going to Cozumel back in '98. I was able to set and have a conversation with a woman from Michigan poolside. She said she had traveled to Cozumel for a pleasure trip and when it was time for her to return home she decided to skip the plane ride home and called her family to tell them to write because she had moved to Cozumel. She said she was living modestly but was loving every minute of it. At that point I envied her so much, I wish I were single and childless for that instant wanting to experience life the way she was. But then reality slapped me in the face! WHAP! HELLO! I was married getting ready for a divorce and I had 3 beautiful children that depended on me and that was my life, like it or lump it. If I wanted a life in the tropical atmosphere with no worries I should have thought of it before my committments were already made. So needless to say I returned home, to reality, to living in Missouri.

Missouri, ah, like Misery for me at that time in my life. A failing marriage was the worst of it. Don't get me wrong I love living in Missouri, I love the seasons, the people, the small town feel, and love my land. But at that paticular time, my life had turned into extreme hell, and I was having trouble seeing the brighter side of life, love, and people in general. But you know years go on and I am now doing better mentally than I have ever been in my life. Well, that is my perception anyways! Hee hee.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Random Thoughts

Monday, the day after Super Bowl Sunday. Dear me... why can't they have Super Bowl on Saturday? It makes absolutely no sense to me, since when you watch the Super Bowl you always drink beer. Why do they torment us? Mondays are hard enough without feeling a hangover from drinking night before. It was a good game all that I got to watch but talking to the crowd at the party seemed to be more interesting to me. I think my faveorite commercial had to be the Bud Light commercial with the running from the bear. What a hoot. We were at the party for just about 2 1/2 hours and I managed to polish off a six pack and was ready for more but my husband said we needed to go, he was right! We left and thank god, because if I would have drank more I know it would have been a worse Monday, heehee.


I am contimplating going down to the casino on a Ladie's night, I would like to have my name called to win $100 like Diva. Doesn't mean it would happen to me, but it does sound inviting and catching up with some old friends sounds like a great time. I think I will contact Diva to make arrangements for the near future.


Random thoughts is all I seem to have today, Wondering what the next day may bring?

Friday, February 03, 2006


I was reading everyone else's blogs this morning thinking man I am incredibly boring. Diva got a tat on Wednesday night, Stacie has places to go and things to do, and I am not doing anything, but making sure my butt is in bed by 9:00 pm every evening. How pathetic am I? Also, reading about the trips to the casino on numerous occasions. Dang, I may need to get a life.

I have been tanning each night as soon as I get off work, that is the highlight of my evening. I have to tan since my skin has become almost transparent it is so white. All getting better now, I am sporting some color, I think I can almost blend in with the rest of the population. My motto anyways is tan fat is much prettier than white fat. I dont know why that is but it is a fact. Well, I have been told by a friend that tanning actually burns off the most outer layer of cellulite. Ok, I will go with that. Whatever it is I like it.

Oh, get this! I was working the other day, as I always do, answering phone calls to take bookings to Vegas. I answer the phone and this lady asks me for my help. I told her I would be obliged to help her and she says "I know this sounds really trashy but I need a list of hotels in Vegas that rent by the hour" I giggled a bit, and she said "I know I'm not a skank" of course I giggled some more. I said "Well, I have never had that request before but I would see what I could come up with for her." She replied "Thank you so much, I work for the Dr. Phil show and we are doing a show on cheaters and I thought what better place to cheat was in Vegas!" I said "Dr. Phil, huh? What do you do for the show?" She advised that she was a producer for him had worked for him since the show began and she gave me her name. Not only did she give me her name but her phone number, she told me to call her sometime, she told me since I was such a help to her she would help me out if I ever needed anything. WOW! How cool is that. I called her yesterday, hopefully she will call me back.

You know in this short life of mine I have managed to meet a few people that were famous or had some significant roles in their life. It has been interesting. I have got to sit and have a drink with Leon Sphinx, he fought against Mohammed Ali. I have partied with the "Whaaattsss Up?" guys in KC. I have sat and visited and drank with Felix Wright, he played for the Vikings. He actually remembered me when I played softball, 1st base, he had been to some games and seen me play. Pretty cool, huh? He told me I had one of the best gloves he had seen. I took that as a huge compliment. I have gotten to talk to the Band "Molly Hatchet", just nicities exchanged really. That was at the Route 66 concert in the VIP section, btw that was a blast! Ummmm.... trying to think, I am pretty sure there was a couple of others but can't seem to grasp them right now.

Anywho, I was just thinking about that and thought I would fill you in. Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feb. 1, 2006... Oh Geez, 1 month already Gone!

Alright, so I wake up this morning come into my office only to find it disarray. You would have thought someone broke in and messed it all up. But, no, my damn cat tore my office apart. I was so pissed, the phone I use for my calls I take during the day was laying on the floor! I have to use it all day long and it has to charge at night or my phone will fail! My movie stand was knocked over with movies strewn about, it smells like cat shit in here, and he knocked my pile of paperwork down off my desk. Arrgghhh! I am so pissed at him today, I kicked him out of my office, now I hear him going through the house making more messes. I think I will lock him in the garage today. He is introuble.

Last night we caught wind that one of my husbands old friends had passed away. ;( We heard he was in a car accident down in Branson, the car caught on fire and no one was around where they wrecked and he and the other passenger burnt to death. God... How sad! It took hours before anyone found them. I should have not been talking to Diva yesterday morning about people we knew and their deaths. I definatly was caught up on what had happened but I am now wondering if it was a jinx. Probably not... but who knows. My husband always tells me I say thing when I shouldn't and that jinxes me.

Last night we also watched a movie we had been wanting to see. It was ok... "Cry Wolf" was the name. It was kind of lame I thought. Not really an attention grabber by any means. If I can get up and down several times in a movie walk around the house to get a drink, go to the restroom, pick up something laying where it shouldn't be laying and see what needs to be cleaned or dusted later, well it is not a very good movie to me. So dont' waste your time on this one. Besides I knew who the killer was in the first part of the movie. I hate that! However after the movie was over we watched one of our favorite shows on FX, "The Shield". I Love this show, my husband and I have watched it since the first season and we DO NOT miss an episode. I love Michael Chicklass in this show. He is fabulous... way better than "The Commish" if anyone ever watched that years ago. In fact, I have this thing for bald guys. Wow! So sexy! The other favorite shows on FX consist of "Rescue Me" and "Nip/Tuck". They are coming out with a new one called "Thief", I am anxious to see if I will like it as much as the others.

Anywho, this weather is killing me. I want so badly to go outside and plant my bulbs in the ground, I feel like it is springtime. I know if I do then we will get a hard freeze or something crazy and it will kill my precious flowers. I am ready to garden though, I miss my fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, potatoes, and squash. I also miss my gorgeous flowers blooming everywhere. I want to open my pool up and go swimming too. Hopefully soon.