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Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend with My Babies

The beginning of a new week, I am excited. Hopefully this week will go by quickly only until it is time for me to leave for KC. Of course then I want time to creep by so I can enjoy my time there. You know that is not the way it works.

Over the weekend I ended up keeping one of my god children, Little Haddi Hoo, she is 1 1/2. She is one of my joys and sweetness. She came over for the day on Saturday. My son Isaiah went with my god son to his derby race. They really had a good time. My god son won Best in Show on his race car. He was so ecstatic. Haddi slept the majority of the time she was here. She must have been exhausted. After she awoke I took her to Mc Donalds to get a happy meal. She was so happy after every other bite or so she would lean over to me and give me a hug. They are so sweet at that age. Every once and awhile I am taken back in time, I feel like I am with my daughter at that age, it is so weird.

I went back to my girlfriend's house to take my baby girl home and wait for my son to arrive. My god son wanted him to spend the night at their house, my son however, said he did not want to stay, my god son asked him why and my son replied, I want to stay with my mom, I don't get to spend much time with her so I want to go home. I almost shed a tear. How sweet my youngest son is, so thoughtful of my feelings. So instead, my god son came out to spend another night at our house. As we were leaving my god daughter got very upset with me. How dare I not take her home with me too, I know that is what she was thinking. Boy howdie, she threw a fit! I felt so badly as I was walking to the car I could not stand that feeling. Yip, I am sure you know the rest, I walked back in and took her home with me. She was on cloud nine. She got her way.

The boys got their way too I suppose, they wanted Chinese for dinner. You guessed it, that is what we had. My Haddi set on ly lap and fell asleep while we were watching a movie. What a joy. Usually Isaiah has to set next to me while we watch a movie. He is a joy too, of course.

The next morning on Sunday, I was able to get my vaccuming and picking up taken care of. I even accomplished getting 1 load of laundry done with Haddi running around only trying to tear up what I had cleaned up. Hee hee. They are so cute and innocent when they are that young, everything is a game. Ah, how I miss mine at that age. It makes me realize how old I am getting! I don't like it.


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