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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Off Work & Loving It...

I am off work today and actually thrilled about it, yet I find myself in my office blogging. I am not sure why or how I always end up in office on my computer. I will tell you though I am sure glad I am today because I think I read the funniest blog from Redneck Diva! I truly laughed my ass off. That is great considering I am on a diet. LOL... To be able to express yourself and emotions on this thing is fantastic!

My boys are here this weekend and have been outside with my husband shooting hard plastic pellets at eachother with hand guns. Crazy boys.... I suppose if they all come in with their eyes not shot out we are good.

Thanks Kristin for the Keri's Last name. Man, it has been killing me to remember what it was. Is that a sign of senility? I am not sure, I hope not. I am only 32... yikes, have not wrote that down yet.... that is scarey, will be 33 in just a matter of a couple of months or so. It is actually beginning to depress me. I was so excited when I turned 30, I was happy.... celebrated, had a great time. Then.... BAM! I started falling down alot! What.... Oh no, this is surely not good. I hyper extended my knee, I have broken my wrist and sprained my ankle. Damn the luck. I keep this up I surely will break a hip by the time I am 35. Then I will need the little "Alert" neckalce so when "I have fallen, and can't get up" I will be able to ring for help.

Well, my boy's are now in the room playing fooseball so I guess I better go!


  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Redneck Diva said…

    Oh honey, I've fallen down a lot since oh...birth! I'm surprised I haven't already broken a hip!

    I'm glad you found the post funny. I figured it'd either be taken as hilarious or I'd offend the hell out of everyone. I'm also glad that everyone could appreciate what I was saying.

  • At 6:37 AM, Blogger CISSY said…

    Ok I jumped from the famed Diva's link to yours out of curiousity and because I'm "working" today and no one else is, so I've decided to read blogs for a while. That explained. I love your family pic from a few posts back. I'm a Mizzou grad, my husband's a Columbia grad and our daughter attended OSU (we live in OKC) so it was good to see we're not the only family with a collection of Oklahoma and Missouri stuff.
    Hey, I'm nearing 50 and don't fall near as much as I did when I was 30.


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