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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No Check... Does'nt that mean I don't Have to Pay my Bills?

Starting out this morning was a little haywire for me. Usually I get up, brush my teeth, let my dog out, make my coffee, go to my office, log on to my computer to start my day. Well all was well until logging on to my computer.

To give some indication what is going on so you don't think I just don't pay my bills. Since the holidays my checks from the company I work for have not been coming into me on a timely manner because they come through the mail system. Therefore my bills have not been paid on time and I actually had another day left before my account was due. But to no avail I awoke to no ISP! ARGHH! I was so pissed, so I called them to pay for my 1 month service I owed for, and was reconnected within 45minutes! AHHH! So I was 45 minutes late for work today!

Now my paychecks... Man alive, I have never not been paid on time for service rendered so this is a little hard for me to cope with or even digest this is happening to me! Of course I have talked to my employer they claim they have mailed my checks and I went to the post office yesterday after I got off work to find out what the hold up is. Well, it seems to be nobodies fault but my own that I am not getting my checks! How is that when something goes wrong with the system it is always the middle man's fault. I dont' get it. Of course it is my fault I have'nt received my checks! It is so obvious now.

This stress is undue since I do not have anything else I have to deal with my life on a daily basis. Paying my bills in a timely manner should not be one of them. I think I may be through venting now.

Thanks for listening!


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