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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Daughter....

Well, it is early and yes I am working so have to type in between customers calling in. This gives me something to fill my time with. I like that, usually I play games online or something, of course, I would have completed all my side work!
Thank you Kristin for the compliments on how my child resembles me so. It really does make you feel good when your child looks like you, like you passed something on. I am glad that her personality is so different from mine though. Especially at that age. She is so responsible and academic. I am proud of that. She loves to read books (which reminds me of you Kristin at that age). She really does not care for boys still yet, THANK GOD! She is thinking of her future for college's and what degree she wants and was accepted into the Upwards Bound program. She is so excited about that, it is a college preparation extracurricular activity. I wish I would have been more prepared and more into school.
Anywho.... She told me she had a the first boy show interest in her, he wrote her note saying he would like to "go out" with her and would like her phone number so he could call her. She told me she wrote him back saying "I will still be your friend, however, I do not want to be your girlfriend and no you can not have my phone number, sorry if I sound mean but I am not interested. I will still talk to you in class." His reply in his response note was "Yes you do sound mean, you don't have to be that way and I do still want to be your friend and talk to you in class."
My husband and I told her "Good girl!" Of course I had a real good laugh about how she was direct with him. I am so proud!
My fear since I have had her she would take the same path I took when she got older. So far she is not and Thank God for that. You always want better for your children and I pray that she does what she has thus far set out to do. Education for one, finding a spouse later, getting her career going then producing me some gorgeous grandbabies. Hee hee. O fcourse she tells me now she never wants to have children, I know that will change since we all have that little clock that ticks within us.
Anyways, I have went on about my gorgeous, brightly intellectual girl enough I suppose. But when your a mom.... well, you know the rest of the story! Kind of like Paul Harvey would say.


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