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Friday, January 20, 2006

Brain, Thinking... Not Good, Not Happening!

Well, I have managed to get get about 4 cups of coffee in me this morning and I am still walking around like a dang zombie. I answer the calls coming to me from excited customers taking a trip somewhere and I feel like my mouth and brain are frozen. I really hate that, why can't I be a morning person.

I got my hair colored yesterday, I am very pleased with it. My hairstylist made a house-call for me! Hee hee, now that is service. I was thinking of putting in some highlights but I may not now, I think I will wait until it is closer to spring. Even though our weather has behaving as it spring time, surely we will have a bad spell before it actually turns spring. I kind of hope for a bad spell, like a real good hard freeze. I want as many of those darn insects killed off as possible. Mosquitos, ticks, fleas, all the yucky stuff.

Anywho... I am stoked it is Friday, my brain is need of mental relaxation. I really do not want to do anything this weekend that requires much thought. I don't think I can handle it. In fact, I am certain I can't handle it. I will sit and watch movies and do laundry I believe.

It has taken me forever just type this little bit because my brain is not sending the right signals to my fingers. I hate that...

Have Happy Weekend to everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Redneck DIVA! I believe she said she would be 23? Hee hee!


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