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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best Friends & Memory Lane

Humpday! Hoo-ray! I am eager for Friday, but not this Friday the following. All I can seem to think about is my trip to Kansas City. I wish I could fast forward to next week.

My best-friend of all time lives in Kansas City. We have been friends since about the age of 9, I believe. So we are going on now about hmmm... apoximately24 years of friendship. HOLY COW! This is almost unreal, I don't know what I would do without her. She is one of those friend's I can tell everything to and is there for me no matter what!That is a friend. She has gone through so many good times, yet stands strong like an oak through all my hair-pulling, anxiety attacks, and mental breakdowns. What a trooper she is.

My trips to Kansas City are good therapy for me. I get to catch up with my girlfriend and of course her entire family, since they are like my second family. We get to sit around and watch movies we love, like Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, and more silly girl movies. We reminiss about the "good 'ol days", which consists of riding around on my four wheeler and almost killing ourselves on numerous occasions. Good laughs. My brother making jumps on that darn thing at age 6 or 7 that only stunt men should make with my best friend riding on the back. Good times.

Other fond memories are hanging out with the Hutching boys across the street. Dear heaven's, sneaking out to Tee Pee the wooded lane on our dirt road, egging houses and leaving our lovily toilet paper bows on trees and countless other things that I will not mention on here. Hee hee. We would roll my four wheeler down the end of the lane to start it up and then drive like maniac's all over the countryside in the middle of the night. I remember sometimes Mason G. would come along or other friends of Brandon's. Of course we never wanted little Matt to tag along because he would annoy the crap out of us, but to no avail he would always come. The only reason is because he would threaten to wake all of our parents. Little terd. Now, looking back, I am glad he came along, it makes my memories so much more laughable.

I received a phone call from little Matt back in 1998, that summer. I answered my phone as "Hello?". He exclaimed "HEY! What have you been up to?". I thought surely some guy has the wrong number as I did not recognize his voice. I said "Who is this?" his reply was "Matt". I said "Ok? Matt who?". I think he was in Awe I could not remember him. He said "Matt Hutchings!", my jaw dropped. We had such great conversation and caught up. He told me he was a chain smoker now thanks to me. I could not believe he would blame me, I just laughed! He said "It was all because I taught him how to smoke setting behind his parent's barn in the back of their house". Too Funny! I guess I left some kind of mark on him, huh?

Other fond memories do include, Redneck Diva of course. She lived down the road from me, I remember staying the night at her house on a few occasions. I would even get to go to church with her and her family on occasions as well. Thinking back...* giggle*. It really makes me chuckle. I believe the first time I ever had cheesecake was at her house or did I eat it? I remember thinking, hmmm.... cheescake. Sounds disgusting. Why anyone want to make a cake out of cheese? Why is everyone so excited to eat it as well? Oooooooo! I don't remember if I even gave it a shot. I don't think I did, it was probably a good thing because I think I would have been addicted to it and only would have balooned faster knowing how wonderful it was. So at least I was allowed to stay skinnier longer! hee hee.... Of course many other memories would apply with Diva as well, if I remember correctly we were actually playmates at a very young age. I do believe that would have been around 3 yrs. old or so. How do ya' like that Diva? 30 years in the making! LOL...

Of course I could never forget hanging with Stacie! She was so funny, always a clown. I remember staying the night over there once, we dressed up like freaks and went to the end of her driveway, on a country road, wanting to flag people down so they only see what retarded girls we really were. LOL.... Oh memories of such wonderful stupidity. So fond.

Who could forget the annual slumber parties we would all attend at Amy C.'s house. Wrestling matches and a dozen wild girls swinging from the chandaliers. Then at the end of the evening everyone would take their turn telling spooky ghost stories. BOO! How funny. I remember dressing up like Madonna to watch her video's there too. Dancing around like wild maniacs. My god, how time flies.

So back to my trip to Kansas City, I will get to leave early to make my way. So Friday night is catch-up night with possibly alittle casino or West Port action, Saturday, hmmm who knows for the day. Probably visiting with family, and then a little night life out singing Karoke with all the girls and of course best friend's little brother. He is a hoot! Sunday, mad dash home to go to a baby shower, and then of course.... REST for the wicked, to only return to reality on Monday.


  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger Redneck Diva said…


    I had forgotten about cheesecake and honestly, I don't remember if you ate it or not! LOL That's funny. Cheesecake was a big part of our lives, strangely enough. Imagine my delight when I found out that the stuff that's NOT Jell-O Brand in the box is even better!!!

    30 year old can't beat that, dear.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • At 6:30 AM, Blogger Andi said…

    PLEASE dont whine diva!!If you you really want to go you can. I don't mind taking you. In fact it would be great catch up and Shoni would flip-out when she saw you!!! Hee hee!You are completely welcome to hang out with all of us retarded girls.
    We of course are complete loons on this weekend and can not be held responsible for our actions or our words. LOL! You can always meet me in carthage or something and ride up. I will drive my vehicle. I have another girlfriend going and she is gonna help pitch in for gas. I think we will stay with Shoni or some family of hers so just need spending money!

    It is a great retreat when your a mom, especially. Just got to get away.

    Let me know if you can manage a weekend getaway, I am leaving about 2:00 on the 27th. I would be in carthage at about 2:30pm. And will be returning on Sunday, back in Carthage by about 1:00pm, no later.
    Would love to take ya' to KC!


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