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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back Home Sweet Home

I know you all are just waiting on pins and needles to find out what happened this weekend. So here I go. First my friend and I drove to KC on Friday afternoon. I was so excited that morning and had so much packing to do that I managed to drink 4 cups of coffee and I took my Sinus medication, that wired me for my trip. I was packed and ready by the time she arrived at my house to leave and I was talking 90 miles an hour too. So I am glad my girlfriend is a real good listener because I think I talked the entire way to KC only allowing her a response here and there. I told her I would shut up finally by the time we reached Harrisonville but of course that did not happen. Hee hee. I shouldn't have drank so much darn coffee. After getting turned around a couple of times because my mouth was going faster than my car and I was not paying much attention to my road signs as I should have been, I finally put in The Bob & Tom CD that I love so dearly for us to listen to and have a few laughs for the rest of the 30 minutes of driving and we managed to make it the rest of the way with no problems.

We finally arrived at Grandma's house. That is my BF's grandma but I call her grandma too, she has known me since I was oh so small. We went in and visited with her and caught up on pictures and everyone's life stories and my BF arrived. We sat around some more and visited awhile longer and my BF had to go have dinner with her boyfriend and I did not feel like that outing so I and my other GF decided to go visit another friend at her job. She works as a bartender at the local Tanners. We got ready and went up there and had dinner, a couple of drinks and visited with her while she worked. Within a couple of hours my GF had been released from work, my BF had shown up with her cousin and my GF's sister had arrived. So we had a little catch up time.

The next day, Saturday, my GF and I awoke to set around the dining room table for coffee with grandma and grandpa. What a hoot. I just love them! The make me laugh, good times. As we eventually got around my BF's brother had called wanting to know if we wanted to meet him and his friend and his wife for lunch. OF COURSE! So we went to this place called "Buffalo Wild Wings". I think that is what is called anyways. Anywho, we sat and watche my BF's brother and his friend devour 12 of the hottest hot wings within a matter a few minutes in a "Blazin' Challenge". It was histerical. They were both sweating, eye's wattering, noses running and sniffing. Craziest thing. But they did it, they met the challenge and won. So in return the resteraunt had to take their pictures and hang the on the Blazin' Wall of Fame and they both received a T-Shirt. How fun. The sauce was so hot when BF's brother wiped his face he still had some sauce on his finger, it irritated his skin on his face, made it swell and rashed up. OMG! It did go away after a bit. We left there and went visiting some more, went to Wal-Mart to buy a baby shower gift for the shower on Sunday. We went back to grandma's to get ready and go out for the evening for Karoke. Woo Hoo! It was a hoot. In KC when it is Karoke night it is taken pretty seriously but all the locals. The people that can sing show, the people that like to put on a show come too. We watched an Elvis impersonater that reminded me in looks more like Johnny Cash, he was so funny! What a hoot, we watched a guy sing a Back Street Boys song and do the entire dance to the song while singing it. He even had some fans jump up and start dancing with him. There was a Liza Manelli fan, of course I knew the dance to that one, so I danced a bit! I could go on and on, it was a complete HOOT! After the festivities there died down, we went to another place to go kick our feet up. It was a country bar, it was ok. I was tired by that point and not much into the dancing thing. I did however manage to make a complete ass out of myself by dancing for my GF's sister who was down in the dumps. I was only trying to make her laugh and just "get happy"! I did accomplish that. ;), I suppose that is all that matters. I finally got everyone drug out so we could go eat, I was starving, we went to good ol' Denny's. Then back to grandma's for some snoozes.

The next morning I was up at 7:30am, only 2 hours of sleep and ready for some on road time to go to my GF's sisters baby shower. We reached our destination and had some more fun visiting with alot of old friends.

What more could you ask for in such a wonderful weekend outing. Great memories made and shared, catching up with old friends, and of course, laughing and just enjoying life. I think sometimes we all forget the little things that are oh so important.

Live, Laugh, Love.... ENJOY.... we are only here for just a short time! Make it the best outing everday!


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