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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Almost There!

Alright... finally it is Thursday! I am so excited! I have to work a full day today and then Friday is only 6 hours and then I am off to the glorious KC! How cool is that?

I have been receiving an abundance of phone calls from everyone in KC wanting to make sure I am still coming up. It just makes more excited knowing everyone is so stoked about my arrival. I feel so poplular. LOL!

My Best friend's sister told me how "all growed up" she was now. Last time I saw her she had just gotten married and had a new baby. Well, that baby is now a little over 2 yrs old and she now has an 8 month old too. She spoke of her and her husband buying a house there in KC, it sounds huge. We used to have quite a bit of fun together and this girl is a regular stand-up comedian so you are in piss your pants laughter pretty much the entire time you are visiting with her.

So I guess unsaid, I am looking towards the days end so I can prepare for my trip tomarrow and will be eager to actually get on the road.


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