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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back Home Sweet Home

I know you all are just waiting on pins and needles to find out what happened this weekend. So here I go. First my friend and I drove to KC on Friday afternoon. I was so excited that morning and had so much packing to do that I managed to drink 4 cups of coffee and I took my Sinus medication, that wired me for my trip. I was packed and ready by the time she arrived at my house to leave and I was talking 90 miles an hour too. So I am glad my girlfriend is a real good listener because I think I talked the entire way to KC only allowing her a response here and there. I told her I would shut up finally by the time we reached Harrisonville but of course that did not happen. Hee hee. I shouldn't have drank so much darn coffee. After getting turned around a couple of times because my mouth was going faster than my car and I was not paying much attention to my road signs as I should have been, I finally put in The Bob & Tom CD that I love so dearly for us to listen to and have a few laughs for the rest of the 30 minutes of driving and we managed to make it the rest of the way with no problems.

We finally arrived at Grandma's house. That is my BF's grandma but I call her grandma too, she has known me since I was oh so small. We went in and visited with her and caught up on pictures and everyone's life stories and my BF arrived. We sat around some more and visited awhile longer and my BF had to go have dinner with her boyfriend and I did not feel like that outing so I and my other GF decided to go visit another friend at her job. She works as a bartender at the local Tanners. We got ready and went up there and had dinner, a couple of drinks and visited with her while she worked. Within a couple of hours my GF had been released from work, my BF had shown up with her cousin and my GF's sister had arrived. So we had a little catch up time.

The next day, Saturday, my GF and I awoke to set around the dining room table for coffee with grandma and grandpa. What a hoot. I just love them! The make me laugh, good times. As we eventually got around my BF's brother had called wanting to know if we wanted to meet him and his friend and his wife for lunch. OF COURSE! So we went to this place called "Buffalo Wild Wings". I think that is what is called anyways. Anywho, we sat and watche my BF's brother and his friend devour 12 of the hottest hot wings within a matter a few minutes in a "Blazin' Challenge". It was histerical. They were both sweating, eye's wattering, noses running and sniffing. Craziest thing. But they did it, they met the challenge and won. So in return the resteraunt had to take their pictures and hang the on the Blazin' Wall of Fame and they both received a T-Shirt. How fun. The sauce was so hot when BF's brother wiped his face he still had some sauce on his finger, it irritated his skin on his face, made it swell and rashed up. OMG! It did go away after a bit. We left there and went visiting some more, went to Wal-Mart to buy a baby shower gift for the shower on Sunday. We went back to grandma's to get ready and go out for the evening for Karoke. Woo Hoo! It was a hoot. In KC when it is Karoke night it is taken pretty seriously but all the locals. The people that can sing show, the people that like to put on a show come too. We watched an Elvis impersonater that reminded me in looks more like Johnny Cash, he was so funny! What a hoot, we watched a guy sing a Back Street Boys song and do the entire dance to the song while singing it. He even had some fans jump up and start dancing with him. There was a Liza Manelli fan, of course I knew the dance to that one, so I danced a bit! I could go on and on, it was a complete HOOT! After the festivities there died down, we went to another place to go kick our feet up. It was a country bar, it was ok. I was tired by that point and not much into the dancing thing. I did however manage to make a complete ass out of myself by dancing for my GF's sister who was down in the dumps. I was only trying to make her laugh and just "get happy"! I did accomplish that. ;), I suppose that is all that matters. I finally got everyone drug out so we could go eat, I was starving, we went to good ol' Denny's. Then back to grandma's for some snoozes.

The next morning I was up at 7:30am, only 2 hours of sleep and ready for some on road time to go to my GF's sisters baby shower. We reached our destination and had some more fun visiting with alot of old friends.

What more could you ask for in such a wonderful weekend outing. Great memories made and shared, catching up with old friends, and of course, laughing and just enjoying life. I think sometimes we all forget the little things that are oh so important.

Live, Laugh, Love.... ENJOY.... we are only here for just a short time! Make it the best outing everday!

Friday, January 27, 2006

KC Here I come.....

IT IS FRIDAY!!!! HOO-RAH! I have only 6 hours left to work and I will be off for a little fiesta time! I am excited so you know if you have been reading my blogs. I get to finally hit the road within a matter of hours. My girlfriend Laura is going with me. We are going to have a blast!
So watch out KC my friend and I are on our way!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Almost There!

Alright... finally it is Thursday! I am so excited! I have to work a full day today and then Friday is only 6 hours and then I am off to the glorious KC! How cool is that?

I have been receiving an abundance of phone calls from everyone in KC wanting to make sure I am still coming up. It just makes more excited knowing everyone is so stoked about my arrival. I feel so poplular. LOL!

My Best friend's sister told me how "all growed up" she was now. Last time I saw her she had just gotten married and had a new baby. Well, that baby is now a little over 2 yrs old and she now has an 8 month old too. She spoke of her and her husband buying a house there in KC, it sounds huge. We used to have quite a bit of fun together and this girl is a regular stand-up comedian so you are in piss your pants laughter pretty much the entire time you are visiting with her.

So I guess unsaid, I am looking towards the days end so I can prepare for my trip tomarrow and will be eager to actually get on the road.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"The Devil's Rejects"

I love to watch scarey movies, I have since I was small, the scarier the better, the freakier, the better. I just love the nail-biting intensity they give. I am always on search for a good heart-pounding scarey movie. So last night my husband and I watched the sequel to Rob Zombie's movie "House of 1000 Corpses", this one was called "The Devil's Rejects". I was not scared by any means, these people are just really f#%ked up, to say the least.

The first movie Mr. Zombie put out was pretty good, I think I really just wanted to watch it because of who made it. I thought most definately it had to be pretty warped. That it is, warped. Which is not bad if you like those kind of movies. I didn't think I would care to watch the sequel, so I procrastinated on renting it, my curiousity finally got the better of me. I am really glad I did in fact rent it. I found this movie to be better than the first one, of course this is just my personal opinion.

The first movie "House of 1000 Corpses" the way it was made reminded me of the way "Natural Born Killers" was made, I should say in some aspects. It is pretty gorey and I use the term "warped" again, because I think it describes it the best. The sequel to me really made me think about sociopathic behavior and serial killers that are well known how how they seem to function. The family of killers in this movie only were able to relate to eachother, their reasonings, their pain and enjoyment of their killings. Family is truly family no matter what level you are on.

This morning my husband woke me to say good-bye for his day at work and asked me how I slept. I told him not well. The reasoning... That darn movie! I dreamt all night of that movie. He asked if it scared me? I told him no, it did not scare me but it just stayed with me. I did not get it out of my brain before going to sleep. Then watching CSI afterwards all that was on my brain was killers.

So I would recommend these movies if you like watching "warped, freaky, and gorey" movies. Also, don't go to bed immediately after watching these movies, give yourself a little "Family Guy", "Futurama", or even some "American Dad" cartoon flicks to settle the mind!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend with My Babies

The beginning of a new week, I am excited. Hopefully this week will go by quickly only until it is time for me to leave for KC. Of course then I want time to creep by so I can enjoy my time there. You know that is not the way it works.

Over the weekend I ended up keeping one of my god children, Little Haddi Hoo, she is 1 1/2. She is one of my joys and sweetness. She came over for the day on Saturday. My son Isaiah went with my god son to his derby race. They really had a good time. My god son won Best in Show on his race car. He was so ecstatic. Haddi slept the majority of the time she was here. She must have been exhausted. After she awoke I took her to Mc Donalds to get a happy meal. She was so happy after every other bite or so she would lean over to me and give me a hug. They are so sweet at that age. Every once and awhile I am taken back in time, I feel like I am with my daughter at that age, it is so weird.

I went back to my girlfriend's house to take my baby girl home and wait for my son to arrive. My god son wanted him to spend the night at their house, my son however, said he did not want to stay, my god son asked him why and my son replied, I want to stay with my mom, I don't get to spend much time with her so I want to go home. I almost shed a tear. How sweet my youngest son is, so thoughtful of my feelings. So instead, my god son came out to spend another night at our house. As we were leaving my god daughter got very upset with me. How dare I not take her home with me too, I know that is what she was thinking. Boy howdie, she threw a fit! I felt so badly as I was walking to the car I could not stand that feeling. Yip, I am sure you know the rest, I walked back in and took her home with me. She was on cloud nine. She got her way.

The boys got their way too I suppose, they wanted Chinese for dinner. You guessed it, that is what we had. My Haddi set on ly lap and fell asleep while we were watching a movie. What a joy. Usually Isaiah has to set next to me while we watch a movie. He is a joy too, of course.

The next morning on Sunday, I was able to get my vaccuming and picking up taken care of. I even accomplished getting 1 load of laundry done with Haddi running around only trying to tear up what I had cleaned up. Hee hee. They are so cute and innocent when they are that young, everything is a game. Ah, how I miss mine at that age. It makes me realize how old I am getting! I don't like it.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Brain, Thinking... Not Good, Not Happening!

Well, I have managed to get get about 4 cups of coffee in me this morning and I am still walking around like a dang zombie. I answer the calls coming to me from excited customers taking a trip somewhere and I feel like my mouth and brain are frozen. I really hate that, why can't I be a morning person.

I got my hair colored yesterday, I am very pleased with it. My hairstylist made a house-call for me! Hee hee, now that is service. I was thinking of putting in some highlights but I may not now, I think I will wait until it is closer to spring. Even though our weather has behaving as it spring time, surely we will have a bad spell before it actually turns spring. I kind of hope for a bad spell, like a real good hard freeze. I want as many of those darn insects killed off as possible. Mosquitos, ticks, fleas, all the yucky stuff.

Anywho... I am stoked it is Friday, my brain is need of mental relaxation. I really do not want to do anything this weekend that requires much thought. I don't think I can handle it. In fact, I am certain I can't handle it. I will sit and watch movies and do laundry I believe.

It has taken me forever just type this little bit because my brain is not sending the right signals to my fingers. I hate that...

Have Happy Weekend to everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Redneck DIVA! I believe she said she would be 23? Hee hee!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best Friends & Memory Lane

Humpday! Hoo-ray! I am eager for Friday, but not this Friday the following. All I can seem to think about is my trip to Kansas City. I wish I could fast forward to next week.

My best-friend of all time lives in Kansas City. We have been friends since about the age of 9, I believe. So we are going on now about hmmm... apoximately24 years of friendship. HOLY COW! This is almost unreal, I don't know what I would do without her. She is one of those friend's I can tell everything to and is there for me no matter what!That is a friend. She has gone through so many good times, yet stands strong like an oak through all my hair-pulling, anxiety attacks, and mental breakdowns. What a trooper she is.

My trips to Kansas City are good therapy for me. I get to catch up with my girlfriend and of course her entire family, since they are like my second family. We get to sit around and watch movies we love, like Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, and more silly girl movies. We reminiss about the "good 'ol days", which consists of riding around on my four wheeler and almost killing ourselves on numerous occasions. Good laughs. My brother making jumps on that darn thing at age 6 or 7 that only stunt men should make with my best friend riding on the back. Good times.

Other fond memories are hanging out with the Hutching boys across the street. Dear heaven's, sneaking out to Tee Pee the wooded lane on our dirt road, egging houses and leaving our lovily toilet paper bows on trees and countless other things that I will not mention on here. Hee hee. We would roll my four wheeler down the end of the lane to start it up and then drive like maniac's all over the countryside in the middle of the night. I remember sometimes Mason G. would come along or other friends of Brandon's. Of course we never wanted little Matt to tag along because he would annoy the crap out of us, but to no avail he would always come. The only reason is because he would threaten to wake all of our parents. Little terd. Now, looking back, I am glad he came along, it makes my memories so much more laughable.

I received a phone call from little Matt back in 1998, that summer. I answered my phone as "Hello?". He exclaimed "HEY! What have you been up to?". I thought surely some guy has the wrong number as I did not recognize his voice. I said "Who is this?" his reply was "Matt". I said "Ok? Matt who?". I think he was in Awe I could not remember him. He said "Matt Hutchings!", my jaw dropped. We had such great conversation and caught up. He told me he was a chain smoker now thanks to me. I could not believe he would blame me, I just laughed! He said "It was all because I taught him how to smoke setting behind his parent's barn in the back of their house". Too Funny! I guess I left some kind of mark on him, huh?

Other fond memories do include, Redneck Diva of course. She lived down the road from me, I remember staying the night at her house on a few occasions. I would even get to go to church with her and her family on occasions as well. Thinking back...* giggle*. It really makes me chuckle. I believe the first time I ever had cheesecake was at her house or did I eat it? I remember thinking, hmmm.... cheescake. Sounds disgusting. Why anyone want to make a cake out of cheese? Why is everyone so excited to eat it as well? Oooooooo! I don't remember if I even gave it a shot. I don't think I did, it was probably a good thing because I think I would have been addicted to it and only would have balooned faster knowing how wonderful it was. So at least I was allowed to stay skinnier longer! hee hee.... Of course many other memories would apply with Diva as well, if I remember correctly we were actually playmates at a very young age. I do believe that would have been around 3 yrs. old or so. How do ya' like that Diva? 30 years in the making! LOL...

Of course I could never forget hanging with Stacie! She was so funny, always a clown. I remember staying the night over there once, we dressed up like freaks and went to the end of her driveway, on a country road, wanting to flag people down so they only see what retarded girls we really were. LOL.... Oh memories of such wonderful stupidity. So fond.

Who could forget the annual slumber parties we would all attend at Amy C.'s house. Wrestling matches and a dozen wild girls swinging from the chandaliers. Then at the end of the evening everyone would take their turn telling spooky ghost stories. BOO! How funny. I remember dressing up like Madonna to watch her video's there too. Dancing around like wild maniacs. My god, how time flies.

So back to my trip to Kansas City, I will get to leave early to make my way. So Friday night is catch-up night with possibly alittle casino or West Port action, Saturday, hmmm who knows for the day. Probably visiting with family, and then a little night life out singing Karoke with all the girls and of course best friend's little brother. He is a hoot! Sunday, mad dash home to go to a baby shower, and then of course.... REST for the wicked, to only return to reality on Monday.

No Check... Does'nt that mean I don't Have to Pay my Bills?

Starting out this morning was a little haywire for me. Usually I get up, brush my teeth, let my dog out, make my coffee, go to my office, log on to my computer to start my day. Well all was well until logging on to my computer.

To give some indication what is going on so you don't think I just don't pay my bills. Since the holidays my checks from the company I work for have not been coming into me on a timely manner because they come through the mail system. Therefore my bills have not been paid on time and I actually had another day left before my account was due. But to no avail I awoke to no ISP! ARGHH! I was so pissed, so I called them to pay for my 1 month service I owed for, and was reconnected within 45minutes! AHHH! So I was 45 minutes late for work today!

Now my paychecks... Man alive, I have never not been paid on time for service rendered so this is a little hard for me to cope with or even digest this is happening to me! Of course I have talked to my employer they claim they have mailed my checks and I went to the post office yesterday after I got off work to find out what the hold up is. Well, it seems to be nobodies fault but my own that I am not getting my checks! How is that when something goes wrong with the system it is always the middle man's fault. I dont' get it. Of course it is my fault I have'nt received my checks! It is so obvious now.

This stress is undue since I do not have anything else I have to deal with my life on a daily basis. Paying my bills in a timely manner should not be one of them. I think I may be through venting now.

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mizzou Rocks!

Look out, here comes MIZZOU! Yee haw... Mizzou won last night against the KU. I am so stoked. What a fabulous game. They kicked some butt. We won by 3 points! Amazing, the game was tied up 4 times then I lost count, actually I think they tied up about 6 times or so. It actually made up for the Colorado game they lost by 1 point on Saturday night. We were robbed though on that game, there were some pretty bad calls by the ref's. It was like they were doing it on purpose or something. It was one bad call after another towards the end of the game. I was pretty pissed about that.

So SALUTE to Mizzou! You rock... Keep up the good work!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Help Redneck Diva!

You know this morning I was reading my "old" friend's blogs they post and became quite curious as to what others my post on a blog or even what may be going through the minds of other bloggers. So I took a tour to read about other people's thoughts or ideas. I found this quite interesting and found that I may be quite boring. Hee hee. I know in reading Redneck Diva's postings they are simply delightful and entertaining. She has a flare for story telling. Her descriptive words and symbolisms ususally make you feel as if you are there with her and see and know what is going on. So... Thank you Redneck Diva for your insight on your life and letting me be part of your family "so to speak"!

Making me think of a story I have to tell, (I know everyone has a story) I have been searching for a way so mine can be heard. I have a proposition for Redneck Diva. I think you may like. I know you have an extremely busy household, but in your sparetime(hahahaha) which you may find(?) we could possibly help eachother out. You need to contact me so maybe we could possibly talk and see if you may be interested in helping me out some way. You have a knack for story telling and when I sent down to tell my story I always write the start in so many ways but can never figure out the rest. I NEED your help.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Off Work & Loving It...

I am off work today and actually thrilled about it, yet I find myself in my office blogging. I am not sure why or how I always end up in office on my computer. I will tell you though I am sure glad I am today because I think I read the funniest blog from Redneck Diva! I truly laughed my ass off. That is great considering I am on a diet. LOL... To be able to express yourself and emotions on this thing is fantastic!

My boys are here this weekend and have been outside with my husband shooting hard plastic pellets at eachother with hand guns. Crazy boys.... I suppose if they all come in with their eyes not shot out we are good.

Thanks Kristin for the Keri's Last name. Man, it has been killing me to remember what it was. Is that a sign of senility? I am not sure, I hope not. I am only 32... yikes, have not wrote that down yet.... that is scarey, will be 33 in just a matter of a couple of months or so. It is actually beginning to depress me. I was so excited when I turned 30, I was happy.... celebrated, had a great time. Then.... BAM! I started falling down alot! What.... Oh no, this is surely not good. I hyper extended my knee, I have broken my wrist and sprained my ankle. Damn the luck. I keep this up I surely will break a hip by the time I am 35. Then I will need the little "Alert" neckalce so when "I have fallen, and can't get up" I will be able to ring for help.

Well, my boy's are now in the room playing fooseball so I guess I better go!

Friday, January 13, 2006

"FAT and HAPPY!"

I am on endeavor to lose the weight I've accomplished to put on only after losing it all after my children. Well, I had almost lost it all, I had gotten down to 135lbs and was being told I was getting too skinny. What to do! AH!

Years ago.... when I got pregnant the first time I weighed about 118lbs and was told by Kerri's(cant remember her last name) mom "Thank god I put some weight on I always looked sick." She went to HS with us 1 year younger took over being the mascot for me when I could no longer do it. I really did'nt want to be put on display in front of the whole Wyandotte population at a football game being known as the "pregnant Bear" for the rest of my life. Not that the whole population is so overwhelming but rumors fly fast there and well ya know, I had more people knowing I was getting a divorce there before I knew and I didn't even live there anymore! Ha ha ha! Anyways I said all that for someone to hopefully remember her name.... It is like it is on the tip of my tongue.

Anywho... being told at 135lbs I was getting too skinny was so weird, I thought I was starting to look pretty good. So I gained a few more lbs and found at about 145lbs I was filled out a little more and received more compliments, so I suppose that will be my goal to reach again.

I have been on a diet for almost 2 months now and believe I have only lost around 8-10 lbs. I think I have lost more inches that anything because bracelets I could not wear are now fitting around my wrists again. Do you hear that! BRACELETS! Damn.... I don't care about my stupid wrists! I guess that is a positive sign but still, I was looking for my Butt to decrease not the wrists!

Last weekend we were taking my daughter out to eat for her 15th birthday at Lambert's Resteraunt, Home of the Throwed rolls. I was getting ready and went in to ask my daughter how I looked because ever since she could talk she would tell me if I looked ok. She is always completely honest with me and I love that. Even at an early age if I looked fat in something she would say "Momma Fat Cow!" LOL... I know sounds cruel, but not her fault. I used to stand in front of my mirror when she was young if I looked badly in something I would say "God, I am a fat cow!" So I guess it was a learned enviroment, I suppose anyways. So, I asked my daughter if I looked ok to go out to eat and she responded "Yeah Mom, you look pretty and look like you have lost weight." I was so excited to hear that come out of her mouth she said she was proud of me. I told her "Thank you that means alot since I had been trying so hard to get back down from this awful weight I have put on." My daughter then proceeded to tell me "Well you know, it is known that people that are happy tend to put weight on hence the phrase "Fat and Happy!". Of course I did know this because I use it all the time, it does especially apply to me. heehee.

I keep pictures of me skinny on my refrigerator to steer me away from eating. My daughter told me how much she weighed last weekend, 130lbs. I died, I went to my refrigerator and showed her a picture with me and all my kids, and I said "I weighed 5lbs more than you in this picture". Boo Hoo!
She said "Wow mom, get back down so we can share clothes!". I would love that but do not see it happening.

So yesterday I was in Carthage and went to buy a new bra, I ended up at Fashion Bug and found only 1 bra for my size and I bought it. It is definately one of the most uncomfortable bras I have ever managed to purchase. I hate that, bring it home and put it on... AH! it sucks! I guess it is one of the prices you pay I suppose for being overweight. I can't wait to get this weight off and get back to my old self, whoever that is, it so hidden beneath all this fat. Even if I get down within 10 - 20lbs of my goal I think I will be happy.

So CHEERS to all the "Fat and Happy" people out there!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Daughter....

Well, it is early and yes I am working so have to type in between customers calling in. This gives me something to fill my time with. I like that, usually I play games online or something, of course, I would have completed all my side work!
Thank you Kristin for the compliments on how my child resembles me so. It really does make you feel good when your child looks like you, like you passed something on. I am glad that her personality is so different from mine though. Especially at that age. She is so responsible and academic. I am proud of that. She loves to read books (which reminds me of you Kristin at that age). She really does not care for boys still yet, THANK GOD! She is thinking of her future for college's and what degree she wants and was accepted into the Upwards Bound program. She is so excited about that, it is a college preparation extracurricular activity. I wish I would have been more prepared and more into school.
Anywho.... She told me she had a the first boy show interest in her, he wrote her note saying he would like to "go out" with her and would like her phone number so he could call her. She told me she wrote him back saying "I will still be your friend, however, I do not want to be your girlfriend and no you can not have my phone number, sorry if I sound mean but I am not interested. I will still talk to you in class." His reply in his response note was "Yes you do sound mean, you don't have to be that way and I do still want to be your friend and talk to you in class."
My husband and I told her "Good girl!" Of course I had a real good laugh about how she was direct with him. I am so proud!
My fear since I have had her she would take the same path I took when she got older. So far she is not and Thank God for that. You always want better for your children and I pray that she does what she has thus far set out to do. Education for one, finding a spouse later, getting her career going then producing me some gorgeous grandbabies. Hee hee. O fcourse she tells me now she never wants to have children, I know that will change since we all have that little clock that ticks within us.
Anyways, I have went on about my gorgeous, brightly intellectual girl enough I suppose. But when your a mom.... well, you know the rest of the story! Kind of like Paul Harvey would say.

Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year... New Beginnings?

I know I haven't blogged in forever now, I had to take some time off. I have been incredibly busy with way too much!
Since I have last blogged I have had my brother Scott and his new wife living in my house with her child that is 3 yrs. old from a previous marriage. It has been more than hectic. I have had to go to court over my children yet again. I have had to be a wittness to assault and now will have to appear in court for this person pressing charges.
Let me see.... I have incredibly huge amounts of people infiltrating my home due to the holidays and leaving nothing but messes for me to clean up.
So I think that about sums that up... I guess the saying "No rest for the wicked" is true when it comes to me! Hee hee.
I am truly thankful for the emails I received from Stacie while all this time this craziness has been surrounding me. The cute little animals, absolutely love them.

My brother and his family are now moving out because
I run a tight ship and his wife does not seem to like it. So she is running back home to Arizona to her family. I feel badly about the situation and fear my brother will now hate me for her running off. I honestly tried to make amends and have been very kind, but I suppose that is not good enough for her.
Oh well, life goes on and sh#% piles up. I can not seem to shovel fast enough.
I am praying that this year is a warm welcome for me and my family. I know last year was the worst year of my life.
So here's to a New Year and A WONDERFUL New Beginning. Warm wishes and luck for all those around... hopefully this a year of great blessings!
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