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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yoga Anyone?

Well. after a long tedious day full of anxiety and pressure of trying to please everyone but myself I decided to try something new this evening. I enrolled in Yoga class at the Missouri Rehabilitation Center here in Mt. Vernon or a friend enrolled me. It is referred to as the Old T.B. Hospital by the locals, in case you wanted to know. I'll tell you what I was very nervous about going and not sure I would enjoy something so different. Especially after I thought I would try it on my own before. That is I purchased a Denise Austin Yoga video on sale at Wal-Mart thinking I could do it and whip myself back into shape after no excercise done to this worn-out body for approximately 5 yrs. Well, wasn't I the fool, I thought I was going to die. Denise Austin is great and very encouraging but I decided to never do that again. I wanted to work-out in private because really why do you want other people that look incredible looking at your flabby body while it does things you do not command it to do. Besides that why do I want to look at some skinny little thing(to be nice) and watch her do incredible moves I wish only I could do and dream of doing. Not only that in the privacy of my home and my husband at work I could work -out and he would not see the horrible mess about to happen either... that is until he comes home early and in the middle of my Yoga routine, saying "OOOooo Baby"! And I am saying "Oh hell no", god bless his heart when a man says that and you look like me he must be in love! Thank God Love is blind! Anyways side tracked here, I did this Yoga tonight and truly enjoyed myself is so relaxing and the meditation was fabulous I highly recommend after a long day of do this do that and you need some time for yourself. I am going back on Thursday night, I hope my experience is as wonderful as this evening.


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