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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a Day!

Man... I thought this morning would never end. I have had nothing but computer trouble since I walked into my office at 7:45 this morning. A typical day coming in to log on to my pc with my PJ's still on and all cozy wrapped up in my lambie balnket, give the old boy a push to boot and let me get logged in to my programs I use for work, no problems at first of course, it like one of those monsters hiding in the closet waiting for the most inoppertune time to jump out and rear it's ugly head at you! Trying to make you feel defeated before you even start to try to fix the problem. So here we go... I scanned it, defraged it, kicked, yelled at it, virus scanned it, command promted it, and I could go on and on. I even called 2 support specialists I work with and still was having trouble when all of a sudden, walah..... finally I can use it for something more productive now, my new found friend "the blog", sounds kind of weird doesn't it! hee hee. The BLOG! OOOooooo..... it's coming to get you, seek you out and make you read me! Ok I know, enuf already!

Oh, yesterday I was going to tell you that my little brother if anyone remembers him turned 26. My brother Scott, the annoying kid that always harrassed me and any friends I had over to spend the night! I remember Susan Stark always beating the tar out of him because he used to try to look in to my room under my door to spy, usually hoping for the obscene. Man what a little turd. My dad told me at one point if I could not control my friends hitting Scott then my friends would cease to come over to stay. HOW RUDE! He was the one spying on the girls changing their clothes, it is funny now but everyone wanted him to die then!
He has really grown up now, he came home to be married on September 24. I could'nt believe it! My little brother finally getting married! He married a great girl though I am so happy to have her as my sister-in-law. She is very pretty, too! Not that my brother is ugly but I was impressed. They are living in Phoenix, Az but will be moving back around this area soon. I told him he absolutely had to since he will be having my little nieces and nephews soon and I just love to have kids around. Then I can spoil them!


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