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Thursday, October 27, 2005

OMG! What a day! I thought it was never going to end. Ya' know I woke up inspired today, had a vision, not spiritual or anything, and was fairly enthused! Ya' know you should always be weary of those great mornings, that is when everything goes to crap! Yeah you know what I am talkin' about, everyone else is a jerk when they talk to you and no one has a nice thing to say! AHHH!

Ok, I feel a smidge better.
Well, I had a great weekend with my son, we were so busy this weekend it flew by.

Now this weekend we are having his Birthday/Halloween Party. It will be fun, we are having chili dogs with all the fixin's, an OU cake made a wonderful little lady here in my town, icecream and then go to a Haunted Corn Maze!!!! BOOO.... Scare the poo right out of those kids, hee hee I can't wait!

This is my favorite holiday, Love the costumes, love the candy and all the bumps in the dark! Ooooooooooo... gotta love the Scarey Movie thons too! Yay!
Hope everyone has a wonderful creepy, crawly, eebie jeebie, scare the pee pee right out of ya' weekend!


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