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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kids say the darndest things!

Well, here we are Thursday and busy still... My youngest son is spending the fall break with me. He is so funny, he makes me laugh so hard. I picked him up after school let out on Wednesday. I don't think he is used to being the only child very often, that is ok though. He is adapting to the house very quickly on his own. He usually has his brother and sister to keep him turmoil so I believe him being on his own is somewhat liberating for him. I know he will be pleased when it comes time to see big brother and sister though. I had to work today so he has been so patient, he has sat in my office with me listening to talk to customers. He asked after I got off the phone with a customer and I was laughing, "Do you really like being nice to people?" I had to laugh. I told him "Of course I like being nice to people, especially when they are so nice to me, it makes me happy that I made them happy." He sat there and thought for a minute. Then started singing "Halelujuah" really loud like an opera singer.
It makes me wonder if he thought I was not a pleasant person? Not sure what goes on inside of their little minds but it is very intriguing! He is so full of information and so wanting to add more by his inquisitiveness.
We have made special plans for his stay this time. My boss is very nice and let me only work two of my hours tomarrow so I can take my son to Silver Dollar City for the day and then on Saturday we are going to our faveorite Zoo in Arkansas. We have gone there since my children were all just babes. It is in Gentry, you are able to play with all the little cubs or different animals within reason. The kangaroos are so fun, just love them, we have gotten to play with lioncubs, tiger cubs, bear cubs, wolf cubs, lemurs, boa constrictors, baby alligators, and more. It really depends what they have at the time. After the zoo my son plays Decatur in football so we will go there to watch him play his game and hopefully he will kick some more bootie!
Anyways, I am real excited about our funfilled weekend together, I just hop0e he is excited about it as I am! Well, all have a great weekend as we will! Blog later.... :)


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