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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Insomnia... It Sucks!

I am unable to sleep tonight, I have trouble sleeping alot of the time, however I was sleeping so sound until the creeping of a mouse awoke me from my very pleasant slumber. Man how I hate mice they really gross me out. As pets no problem, as long as they are contained, you let those things loose and I freak out! Last year to get rid of them I poisoned them all, Yes, some may think I am evil but I knows how to kill me a mouse. I guess because the weather is getting colder they come lookin' to move back in again. Well, have I got a few suprises for them! I guess I will have to be the Welcomin' commity and show the a real good time!
Don't they make you just EEEeebiiiiiie Jeeeebie, man they do me, freaky little critters!

Back to my insomnia, I always wondered about insomnia before I had it! Now I was wishin' I was still wonderin'! It all started about 1 yr. ago, I was working at this
certain place that was incredibly stressfull and my personal life was getting more stressfull. Just to give you a brief summary if that is at all possible. My job there was always threats of being fired on a daily basis, along with the discouraging remarks your supervisor would make. No sick days allowed there either, I got very ill and had some major medical trouble. I had to have a hysterectomy last year on my 2nd wedding anniversary. I ended up with some complications and infections. Then I began bleeding again due to a growth after my surgery. After they cleared that up, I started bleeding somewhere else and found out I had pollups growing in my colon so had to have those removed this year. On top of all that, I am still and was at that time going through a really bad custody battle over my 3 children with my ex-husband. Bad, bad, bad, custody battle. I slumped into a depression, which who wouldn't be depressed, right? Well, mine was becoming worse and I started having these things called anxiety attacks. Yeah, well, that is really freaky! It feels like you are having a heart attack and you can't breathe and all this weird stuff! Then I was lost my ability to sleep at night. It doesn't ever matter how tired you are, I lay down in my bed with relief to want to go to sleep and I awake immediately. That is another reason for the Yoga, I am hoping meditation will do wonders for me! Anyways, since I have been working from my home my depression is alot better, my anxiety is alot better, my insomnia has even gotten better!!! Sometimes it creeps up on ya' though....

I thought while I posting pictures on here I would show you my 3 kids. Joshua's 13th birthday party(far left), Fuji's Japanese Steak House in Springfield. This is a fabuous place to go. If you like fresh squid, I highly recommend theirs. I never tried it before and a friend ordered some and he talked me into taking a bite. OMG!!! Womderful! Anywho, Isaiah will be 9 Oct. 24(middle child), Ariel 14, will be 15 Jan. 08! Boo Hoo!!! Everyone at Wyandotte calls her little Andi. I think she gets tired of hearing about that. But I am very proud of them, they are wonderful children and not too bad looking if I say so myself!


  • At 11:36 AM, Blogger Redneck Diva said…

    My mother in law bought me some amazing herbal sleeping pills and boy, do they do the trick! You know how if you take a sleeping pill you feel hungover the next morning? Not with these! I sleep good and long and wake up feeling awesome. If you want, I can give you the name and you can try them, too.

    I hate mice as well. One was under our bed the other night and I made Mr. Diva actually get up and set a mousetrap before I'd go to sleep. Told him if he didn't, I'd sleep on the couch. He got up pretty quick. He gets cold when I'm not there, lol.

    I am so sorry you're fighting with the ex over the kids. That has to be hard on everyone involved.

    AND OH MY GOSH I cannot BELIEVE how big they all are!!!! You will soon have one DRIVING - are you not terrified?? And I didn't realize that your Isaiah and my Abby are nearly the same age - Abby turned 9 on the 8th of this month. Wow. So how's that teenager thing workin' for ya? I'm not sure my children will live to see their teenage years the way they're goin' now, LOL!! That Abby of mine . . . ooh the attitude . . . I can't imagine where she got it.

    Btw, I noticed you got some comment spam - you might want to turn on the Drunken Spelling Challenge to ward off the evil spirits. :D

  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger Andi said…

    Thanks, I would love the name of them. I tmake Ambien now but they dont always do the trick.

    My Ariel keeps reminding me soon she will be driving, it puts a knot in my stomache to think I am old enough to have a child driving on these roads soon. I will never sleep then.

    I also turned that Drunken Spelling Challenge on so hopefully that does the trick, thanks for the advise.

  • At 11:26 AM, Blogger Stacie said…

    Wow, Ariel really does look just like you. And your 9 year old looks just like your ex. Sorry to mention that, but man, it's true. I can't believe how big your babies are. I still remember seeing you preggers wearing a Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween when we were Seniors. That seems like yesterday.


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