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Monday, October 17, 2005

Busy Weekend.... No time for Blogging!

Wow, what a weekend! I really enjoyed it though! My children were keeping me busy, I saiah had a football game in Quapaw Saturday night. It was great... he played so hard and kicked some Wildcat bootie! They won 32 to 12! How 'bout those bears, doin' better than the H.S. this year... hee hee! I love being able to watch him put his heart and soul into the game, makes me so proud, I just want to cry... you know those darn hormones! When you talk about how proud you are of your kids you always tear up, or I do anyways.
The rest of the weekend was just family time, my little brother came and spent the night with my boys and my friends daughter came over to spend the night with Ariel, so we had a full house. Me, well you know the mommy drill... cooking, picking up, making the kids stay pleasurable and fun!
Even though the picking up is constant even after the weekend my house is still a wreck and the kids rooms are a mess! Oh well, so is life and I have another day yet again to try to contend with my messes to clean and make appropriate living enviroment! Thankk God he granted another day! Right?
Anyways... back to work from my home and back to my usual drill.


  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger Redneck Diva said…

    I'm going to end up a hunched over old woman, I just know it. I spend the majority of my time every day bent over picking things up off the floor only to turn around 20 minutes later to do it all again!!

    But I'm guessin' I'd be awful lonely if I didn't have to pick up after them. They are entertaining. Sometimes. Not tonight, but sometimes. :D


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