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Thursday, October 27, 2005

OMG! What a day! I thought it was never going to end. Ya' know I woke up inspired today, had a vision, not spiritual or anything, and was fairly enthused! Ya' know you should always be weary of those great mornings, that is when everything goes to crap! Yeah you know what I am talkin' about, everyone else is a jerk when they talk to you and no one has a nice thing to say! AHHH!

Ok, I feel a smidge better.
Well, I had a great weekend with my son, we were so busy this weekend it flew by.

Now this weekend we are having his Birthday/Halloween Party. It will be fun, we are having chili dogs with all the fixin's, an OU cake made a wonderful little lady here in my town, icecream and then go to a Haunted Corn Maze!!!! BOOO.... Scare the poo right out of those kids, hee hee I can't wait!

This is my favorite holiday, Love the costumes, love the candy and all the bumps in the dark! Ooooooooooo... gotta love the Scarey Movie thons too! Yay!
Hope everyone has a wonderful creepy, crawly, eebie jeebie, scare the pee pee right out of ya' weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kids say the darndest things!

Well, here we are Thursday and busy still... My youngest son is spending the fall break with me. He is so funny, he makes me laugh so hard. I picked him up after school let out on Wednesday. I don't think he is used to being the only child very often, that is ok though. He is adapting to the house very quickly on his own. He usually has his brother and sister to keep him turmoil so I believe him being on his own is somewhat liberating for him. I know he will be pleased when it comes time to see big brother and sister though. I had to work today so he has been so patient, he has sat in my office with me listening to talk to customers. He asked after I got off the phone with a customer and I was laughing, "Do you really like being nice to people?" I had to laugh. I told him "Of course I like being nice to people, especially when they are so nice to me, it makes me happy that I made them happy." He sat there and thought for a minute. Then started singing "Halelujuah" really loud like an opera singer.
It makes me wonder if he thought I was not a pleasant person? Not sure what goes on inside of their little minds but it is very intriguing! He is so full of information and so wanting to add more by his inquisitiveness.
We have made special plans for his stay this time. My boss is very nice and let me only work two of my hours tomarrow so I can take my son to Silver Dollar City for the day and then on Saturday we are going to our faveorite Zoo in Arkansas. We have gone there since my children were all just babes. It is in Gentry, you are able to play with all the little cubs or different animals within reason. The kangaroos are so fun, just love them, we have gotten to play with lioncubs, tiger cubs, bear cubs, wolf cubs, lemurs, boa constrictors, baby alligators, and more. It really depends what they have at the time. After the zoo my son plays Decatur in football so we will go there to watch him play his game and hopefully he will kick some more bootie!
Anyways, I am real excited about our funfilled weekend together, I just hop0e he is excited about it as I am! Well, all have a great weekend as we will! Blog later.... :)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Busy Weekend.... No time for Blogging!

Wow, what a weekend! I really enjoyed it though! My children were keeping me busy, I saiah had a football game in Quapaw Saturday night. It was great... he played so hard and kicked some Wildcat bootie! They won 32 to 12! How 'bout those bears, doin' better than the H.S. this year... hee hee! I love being able to watch him put his heart and soul into the game, makes me so proud, I just want to cry... you know those darn hormones! When you talk about how proud you are of your kids you always tear up, or I do anyways.
The rest of the weekend was just family time, my little brother came and spent the night with my boys and my friends daughter came over to spend the night with Ariel, so we had a full house. Me, well you know the mommy drill... cooking, picking up, making the kids stay pleasurable and fun!
Even though the picking up is constant even after the weekend my house is still a wreck and the kids rooms are a mess! Oh well, so is life and I have another day yet again to try to contend with my messes to clean and make appropriate living enviroment! Thankk God he granted another day! Right?
Anyways... back to work from my home and back to my usual drill.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Not much at all...

Nothing real exciting happening to me today! I am so tired though I am just dragging, I guess my sleeping patterns are so eratic it is hard to feel rested and full of life. I was off today so I tried to be somewhat productive and do some laundry and clean up around the house. My butt should have been outside, there is so much to be done for winterizing. I still need to winterize my pool, I have not cleaned it in so long it has turned green and it reminds me of the Beverly Hillbilly's Cement pond. Hee hee! I am sure there may be critter or two living in there, when we were getting it ready for this year to swim we had a crap-load of bull frogs! It was quite amusing they were so loud I couldn't open my window at night for fresh air because their annoying croakings.

I did accomplish setting out 1/2 of my Halloween decorations. Woo Hoo! However, I think I have given up, I have decided this weekend to take them back down and put them back into storage. How pathetic, I know, even my kids are like "Mom???" oh well, it will all work out. I just have no energy, I also need to transplant a bunch of my plants too, so when spring arrives will grow where I want them to grow. My list keeps growing. Hmmm???
Wow, I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I think I need to make a list of things to do so I can make sure to get them done. Yeah, I am getting right on that!

I am trying to figure out what to do for my son's 9th Birthday and have no creative ideas, which is so not like me. If anyone is creative and has an inexpensive idea please let me know. I have contimplated taking him back to Silver Dollar City because we have season passes and we live about 55min away. AHHHhhhh! I don't know.

I did see where Stacie wanted to go to Silver Dollar City, you should come up with your daughter and meet me and you can go with me and my kids. My son Joshua says he knows your daughter since they both attend Wyandotte.

Well, I guess that is all the brainstorming for now!

Insomnia... It Sucks!

I am unable to sleep tonight, I have trouble sleeping alot of the time, however I was sleeping so sound until the creeping of a mouse awoke me from my very pleasant slumber. Man how I hate mice they really gross me out. As pets no problem, as long as they are contained, you let those things loose and I freak out! Last year to get rid of them I poisoned them all, Yes, some may think I am evil but I knows how to kill me a mouse. I guess because the weather is getting colder they come lookin' to move back in again. Well, have I got a few suprises for them! I guess I will have to be the Welcomin' commity and show the a real good time!
Don't they make you just EEEeebiiiiiie Jeeeebie, man they do me, freaky little critters!

Back to my insomnia, I always wondered about insomnia before I had it! Now I was wishin' I was still wonderin'! It all started about 1 yr. ago, I was working at this
certain place that was incredibly stressfull and my personal life was getting more stressfull. Just to give you a brief summary if that is at all possible. My job there was always threats of being fired on a daily basis, along with the discouraging remarks your supervisor would make. No sick days allowed there either, I got very ill and had some major medical trouble. I had to have a hysterectomy last year on my 2nd wedding anniversary. I ended up with some complications and infections. Then I began bleeding again due to a growth after my surgery. After they cleared that up, I started bleeding somewhere else and found out I had pollups growing in my colon so had to have those removed this year. On top of all that, I am still and was at that time going through a really bad custody battle over my 3 children with my ex-husband. Bad, bad, bad, custody battle. I slumped into a depression, which who wouldn't be depressed, right? Well, mine was becoming worse and I started having these things called anxiety attacks. Yeah, well, that is really freaky! It feels like you are having a heart attack and you can't breathe and all this weird stuff! Then I was lost my ability to sleep at night. It doesn't ever matter how tired you are, I lay down in my bed with relief to want to go to sleep and I awake immediately. That is another reason for the Yoga, I am hoping meditation will do wonders for me! Anyways, since I have been working from my home my depression is alot better, my anxiety is alot better, my insomnia has even gotten better!!! Sometimes it creeps up on ya' though....

I thought while I posting pictures on here I would show you my 3 kids. Joshua's 13th birthday party(far left), Fuji's Japanese Steak House in Springfield. This is a fabuous place to go. If you like fresh squid, I highly recommend theirs. I never tried it before and a friend ordered some and he talked me into taking a bite. OMG!!! Womderful! Anywho, Isaiah will be 9 Oct. 24(middle child), Ariel 14, will be 15 Jan. 08! Boo Hoo!!! Everyone at Wyandotte calls her little Andi. I think she gets tired of hearing about that. But I am very proud of them, they are wonderful children and not too bad looking if I say so myself!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yoga Anyone?

Well. after a long tedious day full of anxiety and pressure of trying to please everyone but myself I decided to try something new this evening. I enrolled in Yoga class at the Missouri Rehabilitation Center here in Mt. Vernon or a friend enrolled me. It is referred to as the Old T.B. Hospital by the locals, in case you wanted to know. I'll tell you what I was very nervous about going and not sure I would enjoy something so different. Especially after I thought I would try it on my own before. That is I purchased a Denise Austin Yoga video on sale at Wal-Mart thinking I could do it and whip myself back into shape after no excercise done to this worn-out body for approximately 5 yrs. Well, wasn't I the fool, I thought I was going to die. Denise Austin is great and very encouraging but I decided to never do that again. I wanted to work-out in private because really why do you want other people that look incredible looking at your flabby body while it does things you do not command it to do. Besides that why do I want to look at some skinny little thing(to be nice) and watch her do incredible moves I wish only I could do and dream of doing. Not only that in the privacy of my home and my husband at work I could work -out and he would not see the horrible mess about to happen either... that is until he comes home early and in the middle of my Yoga routine, saying "OOOooo Baby"! And I am saying "Oh hell no", god bless his heart when a man says that and you look like me he must be in love! Thank God Love is blind! Anyways side tracked here, I did this Yoga tonight and truly enjoyed myself is so relaxing and the meditation was fabulous I highly recommend after a long day of do this do that and you need some time for yourself. I am going back on Thursday night, I hope my experience is as wonderful as this evening.

What a Day!

Man... I thought this morning would never end. I have had nothing but computer trouble since I walked into my office at 7:45 this morning. A typical day coming in to log on to my pc with my PJ's still on and all cozy wrapped up in my lambie balnket, give the old boy a push to boot and let me get logged in to my programs I use for work, no problems at first of course, it like one of those monsters hiding in the closet waiting for the most inoppertune time to jump out and rear it's ugly head at you! Trying to make you feel defeated before you even start to try to fix the problem. So here we go... I scanned it, defraged it, kicked, yelled at it, virus scanned it, command promted it, and I could go on and on. I even called 2 support specialists I work with and still was having trouble when all of a sudden, walah..... finally I can use it for something more productive now, my new found friend "the blog", sounds kind of weird doesn't it! hee hee. The BLOG! OOOooooo..... it's coming to get you, seek you out and make you read me! Ok I know, enuf already!

Oh, yesterday I was going to tell you that my little brother if anyone remembers him turned 26. My brother Scott, the annoying kid that always harrassed me and any friends I had over to spend the night! I remember Susan Stark always beating the tar out of him because he used to try to look in to my room under my door to spy, usually hoping for the obscene. Man what a little turd. My dad told me at one point if I could not control my friends hitting Scott then my friends would cease to come over to stay. HOW RUDE! He was the one spying on the girls changing their clothes, it is funny now but everyone wanted him to die then!
He has really grown up now, he came home to be married on September 24. I could'nt believe it! My little brother finally getting married! He married a great girl though I am so happy to have her as my sister-in-law. She is very pretty, too! Not that my brother is ugly but I was impressed. They are living in Phoenix, Az but will be moving back around this area soon. I told him he absolutely had to since he will be having my little nieces and nephews soon and I just love to have kids around. Then I can spoil them!

Monday, October 10, 2005

My First Blog!

Hi all! This is my first blog and I am kind of excited about this. I had never heard of a blog before and yes I know how lame, I should know these things since I went to school to be a programmer. Anyways, I am at home working right now, or should be working I should say! I am a travel agent working for, I book hotel rooms in where? Well, Las Vegas of course, silly! I used to work for SBC Communications, Inc. in Springfield, Mo. I just started this job about 2 months ago or so. I love being at my house and being pretty much my own boss. I am excited to publish my thoughts or sometimes my random ideas.

My husband John L Plybon II and I have been married since September 21, 2002. I am very lucky to have met such a wonderful man. He is a great addition in my life as well as my children's. Our first actual date was on Feb. 17, 2001... been together constant ever since.

Also just to let you first time readers know because I probably went to school with you or something I can't wait to see all of you and enjoy spending some catch up time as well! You know we have all changed so much... and of course it is supposed to be for the better, right? ;)